Armor in the Mist
Poetry & Prompts / June 8, 2014

Armor in the Mist Her femininity like mist Gives warmth and freedom to be kissed His strength like gold-plated armor Gives safety to his paramour A noble war we do engage When faltering worth impels rage The seasoning of the battle Gives one joy that will not rattle Your darkness shrouds the windowpane Brick upon brick your wall of pain Blocks the viewing of worldly sight So draw the curtains, let in light Trust on High and open your heart From love we are never apart As a baby’s soft lullaby Sweet surrender leads one to cry Pathways to heal and make one whole Love, it is, that touches the soul In the heart is the mystery To all the world can truly be. By R.M.R at the Writers Nexus Use any part of this passage for poetry writing prompt ideas. If you would like to use the entire poem please credit the source. Thank you.