The 3 Sisters of a Bad Ass Outline
Rants / March 9, 2015

Check out this amazing SEO tool I use on this site! Click Here! The 3 Sisters of a Bad Ass Outline Do you often find yourself sitting at the computer creating the Next Great American Novel… just waiting for the next sentence to pop into your head? You’re not alone. For many, the act of writing is an arduous chore that saps the creative juice which motivated us to start in the first place. Well, here’s “The Secret” no one tells you, about some of the most successful and prolific authors on the planet… Almost all of them start with a ready made template or story outline. They don’t sit down and just write like we’ve been told to do over and over again. The advice of just write has landed many writers (myself included) in the same frustrating spot… stuck, uninspired and dreading the next sentence with reams of pages that go nowhere. The savvy and successful author knows there is a “formula” to their success. It all starts with a very well thought through outline. These well known writers get most of the details of the story down on paper during this planning stage. So, by the time…

Secrets Behind the Stone Wall
Poetry & Prompts / March 9, 2015

Secrets Behind the Stone Wall The Queen dazzled with red jewels at her throat High atop the ancient castle standing tall Looking down upon the fowl fettered moat What secrets must hide behind that grand stone wall Only the royal and the rich can have their way Cakes, fine wine, and concubines on a whim While woeful masses go hungry all day Sunday, one day, the fat thank God in a hymn Taxed heavily by those who hold all the power The peasants unite to sustain each other and gathered at the base of the tower They bravely chose to serenade the Queen Mother They sang the most splendiferous ballad The Queen Mother rapt appeared within the hour She led the chorus back to share ambrosia salad For fun she was one never to cower At nightfall, a royal assembly was called The spry lady driven to reach a new decree She exploited her wiles to keep partisans enthralled So that the townspeople may forever be free. By R.M.R. at the Nexus