Why The Advice to Just Write is Just Wrong
Rants / April 4, 2015

Why The Advice to Just Write is Just Wrong Since I was a teen I’d been writing regularly. I kept diaries, journals, wrote poems, songs, short stories and any piece of an idea that came to me. I literally had binders full of these types of writings. Why? Because I had been told that to become a better writer I had to… just write. The only problem was, I WASN’T becoming a better writer. I’d open up a binder and sift through my writings and wonder what the hell I was thinking. I was struck by how much of my own writing I didn’t want to read. Writing takes time and effort. So, why would I want to put energy into something that didn’t give me a sense of satisfaction? Why indeed. But, I had heard (over and over again) how important it was to just write. So I did.