Author Kurt Vonnegut on the Storytelling Outline
Author Videos / September 28, 2016

In the video below, author Kurt Vonnegut, talks to an audience about storytelling. In very plain and simple terms (while writing on a chalkboard) he shows us the not-so-easy art of storytelling. The video looks to be from the 1970s, however, the information is relevant today. In fact, Vonnegut speaks to the story outline that EVERY SINGLE STORY since the BEGINNING of TIME has ever used. It’s true that storytelling is the most ancient form of entertainment. A good story well told lives inside a person. A good story changes our psyches. The video is only a few minutes long. I can (practically) guarantee you it will help you own storytelling abilities. Kurt Vonnegut is a renown novelist who’s books include; Slaughterhouse Five, Cat’s Cradle and Fates Worse Than Death.

Lee Child And Stephen King Talk About Jack Reacher
Author Videos / September 26, 2016

Lee Child and Stephen King talk mostly about Child’s Jack Reacher series. Lee Child is thrilled people are rooting for his character Jack Reacher. So, he says he will continue to write the series based on the character instead of journeying forth with a completely new stand alone novel. Child is generous enough to mention one of Stephen King’s new books Mr. Mercedes. It’s the first in a trilogy of King’s Bill Hodges’ series of novels. Child and King also talk about the casting for Jack Reacher in the upcoming movie that was supposed to open in October 2016. However, Never Go Back has been delayed and will now be released in December 2016.

Stephen King & John Grisham Talk Books
Author Videos / September 25, 2016

Two of the biggest selling fiction authors on the planet, Stephen King and John Grisham talk about writing and the publishing industry in the video below. They offer priceless tidbits about publishing their own books and licensing their books for movie rights. They even talk about the massive changes within the publishing industry, digitalization of books and how they sell fewer and fewer books each year. The authors speak in front of a large audience who paid to be there. This was a conversation to help raise money for The Library Foundation Inc. Grisham talks about when his first novel, A Time To Kill and his next novel The Firm, were first picked up by a publisher. King tells a lengthy, detailed and beautiful story about the time he sold his book Carrie. His agent told him over the phone first. He then went out and bought his wife a present – a hair dryer – to surprise her with when he told her the good news. He was working as a teacher and his wife worked at Dunkin’ Donuts. They were living in a trailer with their small children at the time. When he tells her how much the advance on…

Author Of Novel That Spawned “Field Of Dreams” W.P. Kinsella Dies At 81
Book Reviews / September 19, 2016

W.P. Kinsella was a Canadian novelist who wrote the baseball themed book “Shoeless Joe.” Kinsella’s novel, went on to become the mega hit film “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Ray Liotta. OMG! I loved that movie. What a crush I had on Costner. Read More…