Congress Has Immediate Second Thoughts Over JASTA (VIDEO)
Rants / October 24, 2016

Congress Has Immediate Second Thoughts Over JASTA (VIDEO) The JASTA bill, known as the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) may have negative consequences which put U.S. service members overseas, at risk legally. The JASTA bill allows victims to sue foreign government bodies or individuals of terrorism for attacks on U.S. soil. Congress over rode the president’s veto with an overwhelming majority. However, just 24 hours later two top Republican leaders admitted the bill suddenly needed changes. The White House came back with a quick and frustrated we-told-you-so. Although, the JASTA bill could open up trouble from other countries who could use it to launch legal suits against the U.S. The bill is aimed at Saudi Arabia’s ruling family as they are long suspected of being linked to 9/11. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi Arabian citizens. Of course, Saudi Arabia denies any connection to the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center building and lobbied heavily against the bill. At an exclusive CNN town hall meeting with Jake Tapper, Obama called the override a “dangerous precedent.” Apparently many of the officials who voted on the JASTA bill didn’t know exactly what was…

The Face Of Viral Fame: The Man In The Red Sweater (VIDEO)
Rants / October 19, 2016

The Face Of Viral Fame: Ken Bone – The Man In The Red Sweater  (VIDEO) Watching the second presidential debate it became clear there is no love loss between these two candidates. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were asked to answer the same questions from audience members. One of them made the asker an instant viral sensation. Ken Bone’s question was: “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant employees?”   It was a great question and allowed Clinton to get into her nuanced stance on how our energy needs are entangled with the need to protect our environment.   She also made the point that she didn’t want to exclude workers who were currently working in the coal industry. So, Why The Instant Internet Fame?   Maybe it was the name, Ken Bone. It’s easy to pronounce and makes you think of steak. Maybe it was the thick, black-rimmed glasses that made us think of someone reminiscent of Harry Potter.   Maybe it was the cute little lisp and mustachioed lip. Maybe it’s was the extra large red sweater and white shirt that said he should be asking kids if they…

Nicholas Sparks – Author of ‘The Notebook’
Author Videos / October 14, 2016

Here is an interview with bestselling author Nicholas Sparks. Many of his successful novels have been turned into successful movies. It’s interesting to hear a writer who has a lot of writing and a lot of commercial success under his belt talk about his experience. Like many of the other best selling authors I’ve heard speak about joining Hollywood, Sparks almost divorces himself from the process. He seems to have the ability to stay objective about what’s happening yet still stay involved to an extent as a consultant. In the sense that the process is not his anymore. The director, casting director, script writers etc. now have the vision for his story. His latest book ‘See Me‘ looks like it may well be on its way to another book-turned-movie. Listening to an author with such mainstream success is always an interesting experience. Even if you have no idea how they got there.

Eckhart Tolle: 10 Rules for Success
Author Videos / October 12, 2016

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Eckhart Tolle’s ever since the release of his first book The Power of Now. On nearly every page I’ve underlined sentences, I’ve highlighted those same sentences, I’ve starred the paragraphs those sentences are in. I couldn’t get enough of that book. It’s that deep. It’s one of the few books I’ve read that’s not only worth reading twice, but many times over. I still flip through it nearly 20 years later to gain insight and peace of mind. The Power of Now is a sort of spiritual text book if you will. It helps raise your consciousness. Eckhart Tolle is practical if nothing else. He offers simple, yet effective physical and mental exercises, he doesn’t just tell you to meditate. Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom is so deep it’s astounding. He takes the broad nebulous concept of “New Age” spirituality and condenses it into actionable chunks. We get it and we love him for it. In his second book, A New Earth, he expands his understandings to include how we can help raise the consciousness of the planet not just our own. Although, the two are impossible to separate. The Eckhart Tolle mantra is all about how human…

Best Selling Author Paulo Cohelo’s Rules For Success (VIDEO)
Author Videos / October 7, 2016

I’ve read Paulo Cohelo’s best selling book, The Alchemist, countless times. It’s a story about a boy who finds a way to fund his pilgrimage and journey to see the pyramids of Egypt. Of course, there are many twists, turns and obstacles along the way. He even finds the proverbial treasure chest full of gold and in the most surprising, unlikely and ironic of places. It’s a spectacular book filled with Life wisdom. There is not a sentence that’s wasted. Not an extraneous word to be found. In short, it’s a treasure itself. If you haven’t had a chance to read this amazing book I highly recommend it. The story is deep in complexities and yet told in a very simple way. It’s magical and all writers should take note of what Cohelo has accomplished with The Alchemist. Below is a video compilation of Cohelo speaking on how to become successful. Not just with writing but in life too. I wanted to include a few other versions of The Alchemist. It’s such a popular book. You may want to explore your options or even start collecting them! From left to right: The international book cover, The cover for the graphic…

Author Rick Riordan Offers Three Tips For New Writers
Author Videos / October 3, 2016

Bestselling author Rick Riordan offers new writers 3 tips to kick their writing career into high gear. Riordan is best known for his first book in a series: Percy Jackson & The Olympians. In the video below, Riordan talks to a representative from Adolescent Literacy.  Adolescent Literacy is a a national non-profit organization helping parents and teachers of struggling teenaged readers and writers. Adolescent Literacy is an offshoot of the Washington Educational Television Association or WETA.  WETA is a large, well known public television and radio station in our nation’s capital. It’s funded mostly by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Although Riordan is addressing a younger audience, but his points ring true for any writer starting out. In fact, his advice could be given to seasoned professional authors too. At least as a good reminder if nothing else.  The 3 main points he makes are: You must READ You must WRITE DON’T give up!