6 Crazy Things We Know About Donald Trump Thanks To Marla Maples (VIDEO)
Rants / December 21, 2016

It’s been 15 years since Marla Maples and Donald Trump divorced. After years of threatening to run for president, Donald Trump has now clinched the position of our president-elect. Crazy Thing #1 – As Long As He’s Famous, Your Association With Him Will Make You Famous As soon as he jumped in, Maples was bombarded with questions about her ex-husband and his decision to run. In March of this year, Marla Maples told Us Weekly: “It’s been a crazy six months for me. I’ve had people constantly coming to me wanting my opinion about the presidential race, and I’ve maintained a lot of privacy.” Perhaps watching her ex-husband run for president and hearing her name associated with his again has got Maples itching to find her rightful place in the spotlight. At the time Maples gave the interview to Us Weekly, she also booked a gig with ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. At 52 she’s still beautiful and extremely fit. Here’s what she says of her impending dance competition: “this is an opportunity (for me) to really be seen in my own light.” This seems a critically timed move by someone who was so intimately and publicly connected to Donald Trump….

The Nine Weird Writing Habits of Really Intense Writers (VIDEO)
Author Videos / December 20, 2016

The Nine Weird Writing Habits of Really Intense Writers. I found this video by author Jenna Moreci. Jenna is a young vivacious woman (and writer) who pokes fun at all of us writers. LANGUAGE WARNING: Jenna utters some naughty words, but she uses them in the right context and with great flair. I’ve outlined her Nine Weird Habits of Intense Writers below. You can watch the video at the bottom. Weird Habit #1 – Hygiene is… Optional Whaaaa?  I think this habit applied only to writers from centuries ago. You know, when there was no indoor plumbing. Weird Habit #2 – Excessive Coffee Drinking Yeah. Well. Duh. Weird Habit #3 – Forgetting to Feed Yourself Writers know that not even extreme hunger can pry them away from their imaginary worlds. Unless of course there is a handy and very tasty stash of chocolate conveniently located in your desk drawer. I’m just saying… Weird Habit #4 – Becoming a Night Owl It’s true. It happens. Even if you have to get up really early. Then you rely on Habit #2. Weird Habit #5 – Becoming too Emotionally Invested in Your (Imaginary) Characters Writers often start discussing the characters of their books like they are real people. Especially, to…

The Four Horsemen of Trump’s Coming Apocalypse (VIDEO)
Rants / December 18, 2016

The Four Horsemen of Trump’s Coming Apocalypse Sometimes I like to watch The Young Turks. It’s a political commentary and purely online based TV show. The host is Cenk Uygur. The first episode launched on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2002. Isn’t that sweet? At the time, it was billed as the very first video news show on the Internet. Although Uygur is Turkish, the show’s title is not a reference to his nationality. The term ‘Turk’ refers to someone who is a radical within a political party (or other ideologically focused group) advocating for change. Very apropos. Uygur offers us the idea that Trump has four horsemen of his impending apocalypse. I’ve included the video below. Here are Trump’s four apocalyptic horsemen riding in on some very fast horses…   Horseman #1 – PERSONAL CORRUPTION Trump has real estate companies around the world. He has yet to dissolve ALL of them and put the money in a blind trust. There is no likelihood he will. The Trump Organization is a privately owned family business. Trump’s grandmother started it with her son which is Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump. It was called Elizabeth Trump & Son. Donald was brought into the business in his early 20s and…

What Donald Trump Can Learn From Sarah Palin (VIDEO)
Rants / December 17, 2016

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or anything in between and you were around during the 2008 presidential election, you’ll remember when John McCain named Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. I’m no Republican, but I was just as energized about the choice as any GOP supporter was at the time. Here was this young woman in her 40s, a very attractive, outdoorsy Governor of Alaska with a large family. Not only had Sarah Palin just been swept onto the national political stage, but she did it with her own newborn in tow! Her appointment didn’t make me want to vote conservative. However, as a woman I was thrilled and excited for Palin. I was impressed with Senator John McCain for choosing such an unlikely and truly innovative running mate. McCain became my secret feminist hero. As excitement mounted and the press did their vetting of this remote governor we became more and more fascinated. Until she began to… talk. Some of what she said didn’t seem to make any sense. Some of it was pure gold. For example, this quote from her acceptance speech at the RNC in 2008: “Our nominee for president (McCain) is a true profile in courage, and…

Think You Know Why The Electoral College Exists? – You’re Wrong (VIDEO)
Rants / December 17, 2016

Think You Know Why The Electoral College Exists? – You’re Wrong If you’re anything like millions of Americans, you thought the Electoral College was created to even out the disparity in population between the coasts and rural areas during political campaigns. It turns out we were wrong. In fact, we weren’t even close. The Electoral College was in fact created for the exact situation we find ourselves in now. With a president who is considered temperamentally unfit for the office. Federalist Paper No.68 & The Electoral College Federalist Paper No. 68 is an appeal to the public and the Congress to create an adaptation to the popular voting system. For an overview, The Federalist Papers were described this way: “The Federalist Papers were a series of eighty-five essays urging the citizens of New York to ratify the new United States Constitution. Written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, the essays originally appeared anonymously in New York newspapers in 1787 and 1788 under the pen name “Publius.” The Federalist Papers are considered one of the most important sources for interpreting and understanding the original intent of the Constitution.” Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote the majority of the letters, though…

Obama Forges His Legacy Overseas As Trump Sets Up A Chaotic Cabinet (VIDEO)
Rants / December 8, 2016

Obama Forges His Legacy Overseas As Trump Sets Up A Chaotic Cabinet Man, I’m gonna miss this guy… President Obama is in the last months of his presidency. He’s taking this time to cement his legacy throughout the world. By all accounts, Obama’s presidency has been scandal free. Certainly no personal dramas. Even his policies have not been controversial so much as (perhaps) incomplete, which Congress is partially responsible for. Now that President-elect Donald Trump has blundered his way into the White House the contrast in diplomatic styles is monumental. The Orange Menace has implied that he himself would be a much better Commander-in-Chief and foreign policy negotiator. Ugh. One of the (many) things which makes President Obama so fabulous is his willingness to reach out to forgotten countries around the world. This year, he made a stop to the poverty ridden country of Laos. That is a FIRST for any U.S. president. Obama traveled to Indonesia as a boy and understands Buddhist philosophies. He visited several centuries-old temples in the region. At a town hall meeting in the northern Laos city of Luang Prabang, the president spoke to the Laotian people about the benefits of a multicultural society. He scolded Americans for…

Trump And The Collective Pain-Body – Can We Make It Go Away Now?
Rants / December 7, 2016

It’s about a month since the Orange Menace took the White House. I, like many, am still stunned and in shock. There has to be a reason for this. Right? That’s what I’m asking myself anyway. This is the question I often ask when I don’t know how the hell a cruise ship has crashed into the roof of my house. Enter Eckhart Tolle Those of you familiar with Eckhart Tolle you will understand the term ‘pain-body.’ The pain-body is unresolved emotional pain from the past which creates a negative energy form within the human psyche. It has its active times and dormant times. Basically, whatever gets you riled up will stir up the pain-body. The pain-body manifests within each human being, reflect the individuals past pain. The pain-body also manifests on a large mass scale to reflect the pain a group, region or country has endured. Enter Donald Trump So it was America’s collective pain-body, and the now President-elect Donald Trump’s instincts for marketing, which created an environment whereby half the voters were fooled into electing this orange, trash talking political novice. WTF? I still can’t believe it. Author Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now explains unresolved pain this way:…