6 Crazy Things We Know About Donald Trump Thanks To Marla Maples (VIDEO)

December 21, 2016

It’s been 15 years since Marla Maples and Donald Trump divorced. After years of threatening to run for president, Donald Trump has now clinched the position of our president-elect.

What Marla Taught Us About Donald

Screenshot via nypost.com

Crazy Thing #1 – As Long As He’s Famous, Your Association With Him Will Make You Famous

As soon as he jumped in, Maples was bombarded with questions about her ex-husband and his decision to run.

In March of this year, Marla Maples told Us Weekly:

“It’s been a crazy six months for me. I’ve had people constantly coming to me wanting my opinion about the presidential race, and I’ve maintained a lot of privacy.”

Perhaps watching her ex-husband run for president and hearing her name associated with his again has got Maples itching to find her rightful place in the spotlight.

At the time Maples gave the interview to Us Weekly, she also booked a gig with ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. At 52 she’s still beautiful and extremely fit. Here’s what she says of her impending dance competition:

“this is an opportunity (for me) to really be seen in my own light.”

This seems a critically timed move by someone who was so intimately and publicly connected to Donald Trump. Maples has also been essentially out of the spotlight for fifteen years. She certainly didn’t have to reemerge.

Crazy Thing #2 – Apparently His Hands Really Are Great

On The View, Maples had this to say when asked about Trump’s hands:

“By the way, his hands are great. I don’t understand all this talk, he has great hands. He is the father of my child, so, what can I say.”

Well, there isn’t much she can say.

She’s contractually bound to not reveal information about Donald Trump or their marriage. Maples has not published a tell all book or had much to say about her ex-husband in more than fifteen years.

Crazy Thing #3 – He’ll Piss You Off So Much You’ll Learn to Forgive

In this clip, Marla talks about having credit card debt and living on just a few dollars at times, since her divorce from Trump.

She also talks about learning to forgive herself and others.

In an interesting and perhaps necessary move as of June 29 this year, Maples sold the engagement ring Trump gave her for a whopping $300,000. That should impress debt collectors.

Crazy Thing #4 – He’s Not an Involved Father

Trump may have had more of a hand in raising his first three children with ex-wife Ivana Trump, but he certainly wasn’t around much for his daughter Tiffany.

Tiffany Trump is the rarely mentioned west-coast raised offspring.

Whatever you may think of Marla Maples it’s impossible to say she hasn’t been a devoted mother. In the same clip as above, Maples describes herself as a:

“single parent.”

She admits Trump paid for things, but was not involved in the day to day parenting.

Maples raised Tiffany in California.

However one wonders; Would Trump have been more involved if Tiffany had been a boy?

Crazy Thing #5 – Trump Will Threaten Legal Action if You Even Think About Speaking Badly of Him

In July, Maples attended the Republican National Convention to support her daughter, Tiffany Trump who was giving a speech.

Her attendance caused more than a mild stir in the Trump camp.

Way back in 1999 when Trump and Marla Maples were splitting up, Trump talked about the serious possibility of running for the presidency in 2000.

Here’s what Maples told the London Telegraph at the time:

“If he is really serious about being president and runs in the general election next year, I will not be silent. I will feel it is my duty as an American citizen to tell the people what he is really like.”

Trump did not make a run for the presidency that year so those words are moot.

However, Trump had something to say about Maples when he got into the race in 2015.

He griped to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto saying:

“It’s too bad the venom that she’s got, and I thought I was very nice to her. I’ve taken good care of her. But she’s got a lot of venom and it’s too bad. And it’s just not becoming of her, but I think she’ll probably be more responsible.

I mean you have a confidentiality agreement; you’re not allowed to talk. And she goes out and says, ‘I wouldn’t this, I wouldn’t that.’ So I say, ‘Why am I paying money to somebody that’s violated an agreement?’

But we’ll see what happens in the future and if in the future she continues I guess I’ll have to take very strong measures.”

Corey Lewandowski also knows something about potential legal action if he speaks about The Donald unfavorably.

Lewandowski signed a confidentiality agreement when he became Trump’s first of three (and counting) campaign managers.

It contained a no disparagement clause. Thus ensuring Trump won’t have to hear anything bad said about him.

Crazy Thing #6 – His Legal Team Are Good Lap Dogs

Jay Goldberg, one of Trump’s lawyers backed him on the Maples insults. Goldberg suggested Maples desperately seeks the limelight and just isn’t very smart.

This is what he says:

“The 15 minutes of glory ended when she left Donald’s side. So this is a perfect way to attract publicity. All of her actions stand for the proposition ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ Ms. Maples didn’t have the capacity to understand, participate, or take a role in the business world. The public is quite aware of the difference in capacity, mental capacity, between Marla Maples and Ivana Trump.”

I for one am happy she got away from him.

Video Courtesy of: youtube.com


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