A Journey to Tranquility: Deep Sleep Hypnosis Meditation (Script)

A Journey to Tranquility: Deep Sleep Hypnosis Meditation (Script)


Below is a meditation script entitled:

A Journey to Tranquility: Deep Sleep Hypnosis Meditation


My name is Renee and I’m a writer, voiceover performer, mixed media artist and life energy coach.

I enjoy creating meditations that help people sleep, release anxiety and become more present and self aware.


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Welcome to this Journey to Tranquility – A deep sleep hypnosis meditation

Find a comfortable position laying down in a place that you feel safe and secure in.

Allow yourself to fully commit to this time of relaxation.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths.

Inhale deeply through your nose, filling your lungs with fresh air, allowing it to calm you. Then exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing any tension or stress.

Feel the gentle rise and fall of your chest and abdomen with each inhale and exhale, bringing your awareness to the present moment.


As you continue to breathe deeply, let go of the events of the day and let yourself be taken on this journey of tranquility.

Let your conscious mind step back and be led into blissful, tranquil sleep.


Imagine each exhale carrying away any lingering thoughts or worries, creating space within your mind for peace and serenity.

Allow your body to settle into a state of comfort, feeling the support beneath you.

Now, imagine a soft, warm light surrounding you.

This light is a source of pure relaxation and positive Divine energy.

With each breath, visualize this light entering your body, spreading calmness from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Feel the soothing warmth, embracing every muscle and fiber of your being.


As you immerse yourself in this comforting light, notice any areas of tension in your body. With each exhale, release that tension, allowing the gentle loving, Divine light to dissolve any knots or tightness.

Picture the tension melting away, leaving your body loose, limp, and completely at ease.


Now, turn your attention to your mind.

Picture a serene landscape, it could be a peaceful meadow, a tranquil beach, or a quiet forest.

Picture this scene in vivid detail, noticing the colors, textures, and sounds around you.

This is your safe haven, the place you come to at the end of your journey to tranquility.


In this pleasant setting, you find a cozy spot to rest.

It might be a hammock, a soft patch of grass, or a reclining chair.

As you settle into this comfortable space, feel the warmth of the surroundings enveloping you. Let the gentle breeze, the soothing sounds, and the peaceful atmosphere guide you into a deeper state of relaxation.


Now, we’ll embark on a journey of tranquility through your senses.

Imagine the sensation of a gentle touch, like a soft breeze caressing your skin.

Feel the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the shade, embracing you in perfect harmony. Notice the subtle scents of nature, whether it’s the aroma of flowers, the freshness of the air, or the earthy fragrance of the surroundings.

As you immerse yourself in this sensory experience, let go of any remaining thoughts or distractions.

Allow your mind to become a calm, serene lake, undisturbed by ripples.

Imagine any stray thoughts as leaves floating on the surface of the water, gently drifting away.


journey to tranquility, hypnosis meditation for deep sleep

Now, let’s focus on the rhythm of your breath.

With each inhalation, imagine drawing in tranquility and peace.

Feel the positive energy filling your lungs and circulating through your entire body. With each exhalation, release any remaining tension or stress, letting it flow out of you like a gentle stream.

As you continue to breathe in this rhythmic pattern, envision a staircase before you.

This staircase leads to a state of deep, restful sleep.

With each step you take, feel your body becoming more relaxed, and your mind becoming quieter.


Take the first step now, and with it, feel a wave of relaxation washing over you.

Every step you take brings you closer to a state of profound serenity.

Let go of any lingering thoughts or concerns with each step, knowing that this staircase is a pathway to the deep, rejuvenating sleep your body and mind crave.


Step by step, along this journey of tranquility you descending deeper into relaxation.

You may notice a pleasant heaviness in your limbs, a sign that your body is letting go of any remaining tension.

As you reach the bottom of the staircase, you find yourself in a beautifully serene room, softly lit and designed for the perfect night’s rest.

In this room, you discover a comfortable bed.

It invites you to lie down and surrender to the embrace of deep sleep. As you sink into the softness of the mattress, feel a profound sense of peace and comfort enveloping you.


Now, visualize a gentle mist descending upon you, carrying with it the essence of tranquility.

This mist gently wraps around you, creating a cocoon of serenity. With each breath, inhale the calming mist, and with each exhale, release any residual tension or thoughts.


Next, you’ll hear a count down of numbers, starting from 10 and descending slowly to 1.

As we count down, feel yourself entering a deeper state of relaxation with each number.


10… Relaxing even more deeply.
9… Letting go of any remaining tension.
8… Drifting into a state of profound calmness.
7… Sinking into the embrace of tranquility.
6… Your mind and body becoming lighter and more at ease.
5… Halfway there, feeling peaceful and serene.
4… Deeper still, into the tranquil realm of sleep.
3… Allowing yourself to completely let go.
2… Almost there, on the brink of restful slumber.
1… Drifting into a deep, peaceful sleep.


The end of your journey of tranquility  has now come to an end. You are in a state of deep and complete rest.

You are safe and secure, embraced by the serenity of the night.

In this state of profound relaxation, allow your mind to wander into the realm of pleasant dreams, where every scene is filled with joy, peace, and positive energy.


As you continue to rest peacefully, know that you have the power to invite this sense of tranquility into your nights whenever you choose.

The more you practice this deep sleep hypnosis meditation, the more effortlessly you will transition into a state of deep restful sleep.


Take a moment to express gratitude for this time of relaxation and the rejuvenating sleep that awaits you.


When you are ready, you can either gently bring your awareness back to the present moment or allow yourself to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Thank you for taking this journey to tranquility during this deep sleep hypnosis meditation.

May you have a night filled with sweet dreams and restorative sleep. Goodnight.



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