A User Posts on Reddit About How A Psychic Saved His Life

A User Posts on Reddit About How A Psychic Saved His Life


OK… here’s a story for you skeptics out there. This young man sounds sincere and very lucky to be alive today as it seems a psychic saved his life.

A psychic warned his mother about his condition while she was on vacation.

It sounds to me like he is in his mid to late teens or perhaps a bit older.

Then his mom called to check in and… let him tell you what happened next.

The link to the post is at the top of the article below.

Posted by u/controlledchaos631

You can Read the full post HERE..

“A psychic saved my life…”

“This happened about ten years ago. I went to a friend’s house and drank some cheap blue colored vodka. Almost instantly I felt something wrong with my stomach after taking that shot, I stopped drinking and tried ignoring the pain since it wasn’t that bad at the time. Eventually I went home but the pain became worse it became unbearable. I thought I could just sleep this off and see how I felt in the morning. When I woke up the pain was still there now it’s a strong throbbing pain, walking became an issue for me. queue trip to the emergency room.

While this was going on my mother was thousands of miles away in the Dominican republic visiting family. While there she and one my aunt’s went to one of those fortune tellers that read palms and tarrot cards. 

My mother didn’t believe in this stuff in fact she was against it called devil magic.

So she opted out and said she will wait outside while my aunt gets ripped off by this gypsy, she said all this to the fortune tellers face. The fortune teller didn’t take any offence she wished my mother well. As she was heading back inside she asked my mother if she had any children to which she replied yes. The fortune teller calmly tells her to call home to make sure we’re alright.

Back in the States I was being discharged from the hospital the nurse told me I just have a stomach ache or a reaction to something I ate (No shit). Anyway that trip turned into a waste of time as I had no answers for my pain or a remedy. So I go home turn on the TV and lay down on the couch by this time eating isn’t a possibility all I can do is drink water can’t use the bathroom, walking hurts I’m just in so much fucking pain.

Not 15 minutes later when I get home my mother calls the house asking how we are all doing if anything’s wrong. My sister answered the phone she says we’re all fine, except for chaos Who came down with a stomach virus he’s laid out on the couch.

When I tell you my mother flipped the fuck out, I mean you could hear her from across the street over the cellphone receiver. She told us the story of the fortune teller how she was being snotty to her and that she feared she might have placed a curse on her (lmao).

So anyway back to the hospital I go My mother made us promise not to accept any Crap diagnosis from a hack nurse.

Speak to a Doctor, get answers do not under any circumstances leave that fucking hospital!!!

Well when we went back my sister raised hell got me rushed past the waiting room and into an MRI or x-ray or something like that. From there they rushed my ass to surgery my apendex was gonna blow at any minute.

I was never a religious man but i thank god for that fortune teller to this day.

I would have died on my couch that day if it wasn’t for her. A few simple words from a complete stranger on an island thousands of miles away made a such a huge impact on my life.

That’s some butterfly effect shit right there.”

Read the full post HERE..

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