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Bromance On World Stage: Trump & Putin Meet For The “First” Time (VIDEO)

Bromance On World Stage: Trump & Putin Meet For The "First" Time 

 Bromance On World Stage:

Trump & Putin Meet For The “First” Time (VIDEO)


The formal “first” meeting between the bromance of Trump & Putin will be scrutinized across the world.

It comes in the wake of US investigations into possible collusion between Russia and Trump campaign aides during last year’s election season.

Whether Trump will raise the issue of election hacking is up for debate, given he has downplayed Russia’s participation.

First meetings between major world leaders are often unpredictable.

The Unpredictability

Trump has in the past suggested he could get along with Mr Putin and praised him as a “strong leader.”

Given Trump’s short and tumultuous time in office it’s unclear if he feels the same way now.

In Moscow, the Kremlin is spinning the meeting as an opportunity for the two to “get acquainted and finally understand the true approach of each other.”

I would guess there would be some reminiscing of past events. Especially, since Trump took his then, Miss Universe Pageant to Moscow.

Looking beyond the tension filled politics of US-Russia relations, what do Trump and Putin have in common, and what sets them distinctly apart?

The Comparison

At the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet US President Donald Trump.

The Kremlin says they will have “a fully-fledged, sit-down meeting” which will touch upon a number of pressing foreign policy issues, including Syria and Ukraine.

Let’s hope Trump can keep up with Putin’s keen intellect and expansive knowledge and international political experience.

putin and trump kissing Bromance On World Stage: Trump & Putin Meet For The "First" Time 

The Bromance

The meeting has been preceded by months of speculation about a “bromance” between Mr Putin and Mr Trump.

It’s fuelled by alleged Russian interference in 2016’s US presidential election and rumours that Russia strongly favoured Trump over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

I’m sure part of the reason Putin preferred Trump over Clinton has got to be because he’d be into their hookers.

Take a look at this clip to see what’s in store for this meeting.

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