Author Of Novel That Spawned “Field Of Dreams” W.P. Kinsella Dies At 81
Book Reviews / September 19, 2016

W.P. Kinsella was a Canadian novelist who wrote the baseball themed book “Shoeless Joe.” Kinsella’s novel, went on to become the mega hit film “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Ray Liotta. OMG! I loved that movie. What a crush I had on Costner. Read More…

Book Review of MEMORY MAN by David Baldacci
Book Reviews / August 25, 2016

Book Review of Memory Man by David Baldacci   Title: Memory Man Author: David Baldacci Genre: Mystery/Thriller   Main Characters: Amos Decker – Amos is our protagonist. He’s a physically huge man, an ex-football player and former police detective. He has hyperthymesia. The condition of having almost perfect autobiographical memory.  Captain Miller – Newly appointed captain of Decker’s old police precinct.  Mary Lancaster – Decker’s old partner when he was on the force as a detective. Alex Jamison – Tall, very attractive and very ambitious female journalist for a local paper.   The Book Review The first chapter introduces us to Decker’s condition. Hyperthymesia. Marilou Henner is known for this condition. In Decker’s case however, he “acquires” a near perfect memory after a terrible hit on the football field. The tackle leaves his brain changed forever. This includes his memory and personality.   We also find out about the horrendous loss of his family. He walks into his home one night to find his brother-in-law, his wife and ten year old daughter… Murdered. For the next 10 chapters Baldacci writes about Decker without any sustained interaction between him and a pivotal character. The author wants us to fully understand Decker’s condition, how it came to be, how…

Book Review of INVISIBLE by James Patterson
Book Reviews / August 16, 2016

Book Review of INVISIBLE by James Patterson & David Ellis Title: INVISIBLE Author: James Patterson Genre: Mystery/Thriller Main Characters Emmy Dockery – FBI Researcher. Dogged and obsessive about finding bad guys. 30-ish, brunette, smart, attractive and our lead protagonist. Harrison “Books” Bookman – Former FBI agent turned book shop owner. Former serious love interest of Emmy’s. Gets dragged back into help on the case. Graham – Our evil and stealthy villain. Marty is a slippery bad guy who will have you absolutely shocked by the end. Phil Dickerson “The Dick” – Emmy’s boss and resident slime ball. He has sexually harassed Emmy in the past and has power to stall if not completely end Emmy’s career. Book Review I found the first chapter of Invisible to be a bit confusing. After that it digs a deep and winding story path. Emmy Dockery discovers early on that her sister has died in a house fire. This is not a spoiler by the way. I don’t like spoilers or telling the reader too much about the plot in general. It’s the death of her sister in the fire that is in large part what drives an already driven FBI researcher. Emmy looks…

Book Review of MR. MERCEDES by Stephen King
Book Reviews / August 13, 2016

Book Review of Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King     Title: Mr. Mercedes Author: Stephen King Genre: Thriller/Mystery – First Book in the Bill Hodges trilogy   Main Characters: Det. Ret. Bill Hodges: Retired police detective after 40 years on the job. He’s divorced and has one grown daughter he has contact with only occasionally. 

Book Review of FINDERS KEEPERS by Stephen King
Book Reviews / August 5, 2016

Book Review of Finders Keepers by Stephen King Genre of Book: Thriller/Mystery Author: Stephen King Main Characters: Pete Saubers – teenager and son of Tom and Linda Saubers and older brother to Tina Ret. Det. Bill Hodges – retired police detective and head of his newly formed “Finders Keepers” private detective agency