Yield to Me
Poetry & Prompts / April 8, 2015

Yield to Me Some may say you are strong, so bold And some say that you are so cold But your heart has warmth to unfold I can feel it when you hold me I hear it when you sing to me So Yield to me now, Yield to me On the surface you seem so brave This is the way you must behave When your own heart you can not save And all you feel is doubt and fear You must know this my precious dear That Love is strong and Love is near So Yield to me now, Yield to me By Michele at the Nexus You can use any or all lines of Yield to Me as poetry writing prompts. Please credit the source and back link (if possible) to the entire poem.

Secrets Behind the Stone Wall
Poetry & Prompts / March 9, 2015

Secrets Behind the Stone Wall The Queen dazzled with red jewels at her throat High atop the ancient castle standing tall Looking down upon the fowl fettered moat What secrets must hide behind that grand stone wall Only the royal and the rich can have their way Cakes, fine wine, and concubines on a whim While woeful masses go hungry all day Sunday, one day, the fat thank God in a hymn Taxed heavily by those who hold all the power The peasants unite to sustain each other and gathered at the base of the tower They bravely chose to serenade the Queen Mother They sang the most splendiferous ballad The Queen Mother rapt appeared within the hour She led the chorus back to share ambrosia salad For fun she was one never to cower At nightfall, a royal assembly was called The spry lady driven to reach a new decree She exploited her wiles to keep partisans enthralled So that the townspeople may forever be free. By R.M.R. at the Nexus

Rainbow Times
Poetry & Prompts / March 8, 2015

Rainbow Times I sit on bleached cotton under an azure sky dreaming the Dream that came true, shaded by fragrant pink blossoms I gaze upon endless leafy acres The horizon bleeds into the sanction of majestic steel mountains; Bays and chestnuts we’ve ridden a thousand times graze while the crimson barn you built stabs the landscape You saunter toward me wrapped in a carefree cloud wearing that loose white shirt and burnt sienna slacks, looking strong and sun-baked like a vibrant Sahara; You smile at me as I catch your eye Bringing my favorite red wine and your mother’s silver goblets, you sink into the black iron bench next to me and pour I reach for the large paisley platter (a wedding gift) loaded and steaming with hot garden greens We share ourselves as we share our meal and find something new again after all these years I’m awake in this Dream and find it’s more penetrating than my imagination had allowed *** Now… The sun a glowing gold coin in the dawning sky The dewy grass lays misty as in a flea market found watercolor Swathed in the white terrycloth you gave me I lift my morning mug to…

Trumpet Faces
Poetry & Prompts / March 7, 2015

Trumpet Faces Having long lean necks and heads forth cocked Springing straight up from grass so green All staring ahead as if shell-shocked How do they know which way to lean? Crowned around with buttery petals And in the midst a jutting bloom Rich soil and fresh rain give them mettle Bend and drink in their sweet perfume Plants in sun hats on trumpet faces Calling out to all of nature Coinciding with baseball laces Spring has arrived this is for sure! Blossoms of cream, lemon and orange Begin to flower in April Atriums boast these within their fringe Trumpet faces of daffodils By Michele at the Nexus You can you use any or all lines within Trumpet Faces as creative writing prompts. Please credit the source. Thank you.

Blue Thunder
Poetry & Prompts / March 5, 2015

Blue Thunder The mighty stallion stands so proud His true nature like soil unplowed Many strong men cannot subdue This great equine of silver-blue Then one morning with skies of gray As grizzled horsemen chat away One man’s young son chases a hen Into the blue steed’s private den The gallant head turned to explode Red nostrils flaring, his eyes glowed Danger deemed of imminent kind As the boy seemed to be confined Sensing the child was not a threat The steed reacted like a large pet For years to come men will wonder Why that stallion held his thunder By R.M.R. at the Writers Nexus Use all or any portion of this poem as you like for inspirational creative writing prompts. Please credit the source. Thank you.

The Stranger Inside
Poetry & Prompts / November 8, 2014

The Stranger Inside A Stranger comes out of the dark Black hat, black coat, his heart is black On me he wants to leave his mark I raise my head as he attacks With one single swipe of the knife My head is apart from my neck Now I am free from any strife Fresh start I have, my past a wreck. Please use any line from The Stranger Inside as a poetry writing prompt or use the poem in its entirety. If you do please credit the source with (preferably) a back link. Thank you.

Armor in the Mist
Poetry & Prompts / June 8, 2014

Armor in the Mist Her femininity like mist Gives warmth and freedom to be kissed His strength like gold-plated armor Gives safety to his paramour A noble war we do engage When faltering worth impels rage The seasoning of the battle Gives one joy that will not rattle Your darkness shrouds the windowpane Brick upon brick your wall of pain Blocks the viewing of worldly sight So draw the curtains, let in light Trust on High and open your heart From love we are never apart As a baby’s soft lullaby Sweet surrender leads one to cry Pathways to heal and make one whole Love, it is, that touches the soul In the heart is the mystery To all the world can truly be. By R.M.R at the Writers Nexus Use any part of this passage for poetry writing prompt ideas. If you would like to use the entire poem please credit the source. Thank you.

Pealing Bells of Peace
Poetry & Prompts / January 8, 2014

Pealing Bells of Peace Any line from Pealing Bells of Peace can be used as writing prompts. You can also use the poem in its entirety with a credit to the source. Thank you. A faint yet familiar sound calls As I rise on wings of angels It seeps through all erected walls Hark now, I hear the peal of bells It drowns my grief and clears my mind Floating high, my body, it rests And I return renewed in kind Peace as a medal, pinned to my chest by R.M.R. at the Writers Nexus

My Mother-In-Law
Poetry & Prompts / December 23, 2013

My Mother-In-Law Feel free to use any or all lines as writing prompts. Arrested by her own image, she taunted it With a come hither sashay and thrusting pout Daring it to jump out Of her gold encrusted… Everlasting Looking Glass Her silvery locks draped like Arctic Fox on pale shoulders Swathed in crushed obsidian velvet Trapping her feline curves Into libidinous submission Satisfied she looked bewitching She sucked the fire up from her loins with a catch Letting Chanel 5 encourage her lust The glowing new widow was a vision to behold Straightening herself She floated from atop the antiquated staircase, As an ominous black mist Hers was a violent, calculated elegance That spattered the mourners with brilliance Oozing coital readiness, Unfazed by her menopausal haze She stole her way through the somber soiree Sharing her venomous kisses, Leaving a trail of carnage in her wake Her icy blue eyes narrowed as she neared the coffin Looking down upon his blank face she silently thanked him for the bequeathed fortune She leaned in to kiss his cold cheek; The face of her vernal lover came to her As organ pipes vibrated with Chopin. By R.M.R. at the Writers Nexus

Forgive to Forget
Poetry & Prompts / August 8, 2013

Forgive to Forget There are ghosts roaming in my attic Haunting me and making me sick My father’s face frightening still The bastard still lives up the hill My mother’s silent rage revealed All that she didn’t want to feel As I look back with guileless eyes My head it spins with ugly lies Problem child is a misnomer Those wounds made my spirit stronger My Life can still be grander yet If to forgive is to forget Let that adage be my maxim This new orphan releases them. Written by R.M.R.