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Sneak Peek Critiques

Sneak Peek Critiques are about the Importance of the First THREE Paragraphs of ANY story.

I’ve chosen to review the first THREE Paragraphs from a variety of books on SMASHWORDS.

Smashwords.com has been around since 2008 and was formed to help independent authors self publish their work. It was founded by Mark Coker.

Many editors, myself included, know if there are problems on the first page of a manuscript… the rest of it won’t get read.

As a writer, I know how difficult it is to write something that is engaging for readers.

This is why I’ve created the SNEAK PEEK CRITIQUES section on the Writers Nexus.

Each critique is accompanied by a video. The critiques are short and designed to help you understand where the troubles are right up front.

For any writer who is or wants to be self published or traditionally published, this information is invaluable.book review, sneak peek critiques

Sneak Peek Critiques© [#3] Witch’s Brew By Ryan Scott (VIDEO)

witchs brew

Sneak Peek Critiques© [#3] Witch’s Brew By Ryan Scott   Sneak Peek Critiques© are all about the first 8 lines of any story. An experienced editor will tell you they can almost always determine whether or not a manuscript is…
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