energy healers, psychics, the difference

If you’re looking for some energy healing, it’s important to know who’s services can actually offer healing, as opposed to information.

Before we go further, it’s true that everyone is psychic. Having a basic psychic ability is as human as having a heart beat.

What is a Psychic?

What are normally described as our instincts or intuition is very closely related to psychic ability. Instincts are often based on an immediate sense of energy.

This can be indicated as something you should or should not do or perhaps that you like or dislike someone.

These are immediate impressions that have been realized so quickly as to have no cognitive basis for them at that point. Thus, an instinctual response is elicited.

At other times, you hear a voice in your head saying something about a person or situation you know nothing about. Then you find the information was correct. That is an example of a spirit transmitting a little knowledge.

How spirits do this exactly is where you need to practice. It is a thin veil between our own instincts and a message from a spirit and this communication comes to everyone a little differently.

What is an Energy Healer?

A healer is someone who has the ability to facilitate healing energy to another person. Healers act as conduits for energy, whether their own energy or from The Divine Source that comes through them or works on their behalf.

Healers do not do the healing themselves. Is is an energetic partnership with the Source on behalf of another. As each individual is responsible for their own healing path.

When used consciously and with positive intent a healer can become an amazing pipeline of energetic support for others who are struggling. The one who is struggling though, must be in an open frame of mind and allow the healing energy to do its work. This is crucial. Individual responsibility is paramount.

There are different types of healers and healing, although all healing energy comes from the same Source.

Examples of healers are Reiki and Shiatsu practitioners, massage therapists, reflexologists and acupuncturists to name a few.

One of the most important aspects of a healer’s talent lays in their ability to detect trauma in a person’s physical body or their aura. At that point, they can send healing energy to that particular area and do the most good for their client.

Contact & Distance Healers

Healing in general can be categorized into 2 major types; Contact & Distant (or Absent) Healing.

With Contact Healing there is actual physical contact of the hands of the healer on the client/patient. This facilitates the transference of energy to the body and spirit of the client. This is also known as “the laying on of hands” or the modern term Therapeutic Touch.

Examples of other types of Contact Healers are massage therapists and reflexology.

Contact Healers are the type whose healing energy is channeled through their touch to the client. Reiki practitioners are an exception to this. In Reiki the hands are kept a few inches above the body with palms down directing energy toward the client.

Distance (Absent) Healers have no contact with the client at all. Usually, Distance healing is performed after an initial consultation by phone or in person. Sometimes even through email or online messaging.

I’ve also heard healers who just need a name and perhaps an address and/or age and they can go to work from there. Even if they are in another country.

Often times Distance Healers get themselves into a deep meditative state with their own spirit guides and transfer the healing energy in this trance. Many times distance healers do have psychic abilities, although not always.

Although, with any type of healing the client must do their part. Old, deep thought patterns and a lack of self worth can bring back mental and energetic imbalances and even physical problems.

Thank you for reading. I wish you much imagination.

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