Fat Tony Salerno, Donald Trump And Mob Connections

November 16, 2016

David Cay Johnston of Politico and Wayne Barret, author of Trump: The Deals and the Downfall, are two investigative reporters who’ve been studying Donald Trump’s business dealings off and on for the last 27 years.

They say, without a doubt, there is much evidence to connect Fat Tony Salerno, Donald Trump, and mob connections.

Living in New York City

I’ve lived in the NYC area for nearly 15 years.

I can promise you this; there is not a building you enter, a meal you eat or a cab ride you take in this city that has not in some way, been touched by undocumented labor. This includes Americans who work under the table.

I’ve worked in restaurants where out of nearly two dozen employees, there were less than a hand full of Americans. That includes the kitchen staff and managers.

I’ve had clients in my business, many of whom work in or own a company in the construction industry, who’ve declared there isn’t a building in the NYC area that goes up without someone getting paid on the sly. Including (and especially) undocumented, out-of-the-country labor. And yes, a few have mob connections.

Trump And His Books

Donald Trump has written a number of books over the years. One of his most popular is The Art of the Deal.

In it Trump reveals, how he convinced the New Jersey state attorney general into running a very limited background investigation on him.

Why? Trump wanted to build a casino in Atlantic City. He was investigated for just six months.

Other would-be casino builders were vetted for a full year. It was the 1980s. The property development industry was humming.

Trump made the argument to the AG that he was quote: ‘clean as a whistle.’

He was just too young a tycoon to have possibly gotten his hands dirty at that point. So the AG softened.

The truth was, Trump was plenty dirty.

Trump And His Towers

Three years before, Trump had hired construction companies with mob connections to build Trump Tower and the Trump Plaza apartment building in Manhattan.

The deal was, Trump would over-pay for not only the work done, but for the much more expensive ready-mix concrete as opposed to pre-cast concrete.

This is a significant difference within the real estate construction industry.

Most skyscrapers are of a steel girder construction.

This was especially true in the 1980s when Trump Tower and Trump Plaza were being built, according to The American Iron & Steel Institute, while only some tall buildings use pre-cast concrete.

Although, there are some advantages to ready-mix concrete.

It can speed up construction because it dries so much faster and doesn’t need to be fireproofed which is pricey.

However, it must be poured quickly or it will harden in the drums of the cement trucks, ruining both the trucks and the concrete.

Not to mention incorrectly poured ready-mix concrete can be a huge problem for the building foundation itself.

Trump And His Mob Connections

Probably the biggest potential hazard for large real estate developers at the time (and in many ways still is) are the unions.

Labor strikes can kill a building project in an instant. Even a short labor slowdown can turn into an expensive disaster.

This was motivation for the mob controlled construction companies, including those run by Fat Tony Salerno in the early 80s.

The deal was, Trump paid more on the front end for the actual construction.

Then, Fat Tony and the rest of the mob bosses, would ensure he had no labor interruptions.

If you’re thinking this may be far-fetched, think again. New York has a long, winding and deep history of mob activity throughout its many industries.

Trump just found a way to use them to his advantage. This includes mob-affiliated lawyers.

In fact, it was during this time that much of Trump’s philosophy of not paying his bills became cemented, so to speak.

Part of this comes from the fact that New York construction crews are almost always made up of illegal, undocumented workers to some degree. Including those who’ve worked on Trump projects.

Trump And His Mexicans

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may have her flaws as a candidate. Some think she is dishonest.

However, there is such an overwhelming paper trail of deceit in Donald J. Trump’s business dealings over the years that it makes him the biggest hypocrite alive.

So, go ahead Don, put up that wall.

We’ll be counting the illegal, undocumented Mexican workers helping to build it if you ever get close enough to the White House to do it.

That’s if you decide to pay them, of course.

For more information on Trump’s business ties to the Mob, check out this BBC video:

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