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Donald Trump Presidential Candidate And How We Might Get Rid Of Him… Peacefully

Donald Trump Presidential Candidate:

The Relevance of Donald Trump as an Irrelevant Presidential Candidate

I don’t know who you are voting for, but I’m With Her.

As an aside…

I was a h-uge fan of “The Apprentice” especially,  “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Here is a short example of the show… It’s in the boardroom. My favorite part.

The Toastmaster Political Volunteer

toastmasters Donald Trump Presidential CandidateMany years ago, I was a part of a Toastmasters group.

For those who don’t know, here’s the Wikipedia definition: Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.

I have always been a bit shy so I thought public speaking might help me develop more confidence. To a certain extent, it did.


The reason I mention my Toastmasters experience is to tell you about the beginning of my now (fairly passionate) interest in politics. Toastmasters attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.

There was a young woman there about my age at the time (early 20s). I didn’t speak to her very often as she was extremely shy and reserved and didn’t speak to many people.

However, one night when several of us went out for a drink after the meeting, she and I began to chat. There was a national election coming up and she had been vigorously participating in one of the campaigns.

 girl with flag in field Donald Trump Presidential Candidate
To watch her speak about her favored candidate and politics in general was to watch a young woman transform.

This mousey, brainy, plain, bespectacled young woman’s face suddenly beamed.

Now, there was color in her cheeks. Energy I had never noticed in her before.

At that time, I found voting to be a tedious chore. A nuisance. This young woman clearly didn’t see it that way.


Of course, many Americans feel extremely passionate about politics. The thing was… I didn’t get it. After listening to her bubble with excitement about this political campaign… I really wanted to get it.

However… the year Bush beat Gore… I did.

Here’s a Documentary on the Bush/Gore campaigns…


Watching With Interest

Ever since then I have watched our national political arena with great interest.

This presidential race is a direct reflection of where American culture currently stands. There is an important point to be made here. That brings me to The Donald and Hillary.

One is a celebrity billionaire with a hit back as fast and as you can attitude. He seems to feel attacked quite often. He has approximately 4o% approval rate with the registered voters. (as of Aug./2016)


george washington coin Donald Trump Presidential Candidate


The other is a 30+ year political veteran with possibly the most experience any presidential candidate has ever had.

However, Hillary has a reputation for being untrustworthy. She has approximately 52% approval with registered voters. (as of Aug./2016)

I’ve already stated, I’m With Her. However, I can understand why so may people are either undecided or have decided they won’t be voting at all this year.


vote sticker Donald Trump Presidential Candidate


The rise of “The Apprentice” – Donald Trump Presidential Candidate is stunning to say the least. It’s true he has broken so many political campaign rules that he’s written his own book.

At first, I (like many) thought he was somewhat entertaining, if kind of obnoxious and that his rise would soon fall.


Unfortunately, his Republican opponents had no good retort to his outrageous statements and lack of policy prowess. Hence, he rode his way (with few obstructions) to the Republican party nomination for president.

At this stage though, he needs to rein it in and become more “presidential” as so many of his Republican party members and fellow Americans have urged.


What does being “presidential” look like exactly?


In general, I would think most of us want someone who represents our country well. Both to its citizens and abroad. To keep a level head when everyone else is losing theirs. To respond with grace when provoked and with definitive force when seriously attacked.

As well, a president would knows how and when to apply these measured responses.

I won’t go into Trump’s specific behavior as that’s been television fodder for months now. Although, here is a humorous view from Stephen Colbert… 


The Orange Buffoon (Donald Trump Presidential Candidate)


I will say it has become obvious since campaigning commenced that Donald Trump Presidential Candidate does not offer “measured” responses and what’s worse… has no interest in changing that.

Whatever you think of Hillary I genuinely believe she will try to run this country in the best way possible. Even if it’s done with a certain amount of arrogance and shadiness.

She will try to represent this country with “measured” responses. Hillary has demonstrated that in the past.

If not in her personal life, she at least attempts to do right by America even if she thinks she’s Queen Bee. At least she’s a tough, diligent Queen Bee.



The Donald on the other hand is a h-uge baby. As Hillary and company often point out, he’s very thin-skinned.

He’s demonstrated a need to lash out when he feels he’s being threatened. That’s is a h-uge problem.

baby with blanket on head Donald Trump Presidential Candidate


Check out this article highlighting similarities with the law that allows police to draw and fire their weapon if they feel threatened. 


This brings me to my point. As extraordinary as Donald Trump Presidential Candidate is in many ways he is also exceedingly common.

Like many white and privileged men in American he expects to be heard and listened to.

He expects to be respected and taken seriously.

Above all he expects to be agreed with. This is reflected in the people he keeps closest to him.

Remember I was a fan of “The Apprentice.” From season one to the final finale I watched almost every episode. The last part of the show made it a hit. That’s when the contestants entered the board room to find out who The Donald was going to fire. We then became privy to a billionaire and his decision making process.


briefcase full of money Donald Trump Presidential Candidate

Sometimes the choice to say, “You’re fired” was obvious. Most of the time it wasn’t.

You could see how Trump took in all the information from both sides. He’d process it allowing his intelligence and intuition to sift through it all.

Once he’d reached a conclusion… Bam! It was definitive.

It was certainly something to behold and respect. “The Apprentice” did last a whopping 14 seasons until his political mishaps became his folly. Studio execs could no longer associate themselves with Donald Trump presidential candidate.


Spouting off on your own reality TV show is one thing. It’s another to tout yourself as a possible leader of the free world and not know when to shut up. Yet, 40% of voters are on his side. All polls indicate those voters are white men. 

In fact, just 1% of African Americans are on his side. Pitiful.

Aye, and there’s the rub.


The Rub…

I believe Donald Trump presidential candidate has as much support as he does because so many American men…

  • Expect to be heard and listened to
  • Expect to be respected
  • Expect to be taken seriously
  • Expect to be agreed with

And when they don’t, the American man feels justified in hitting back. Other men support it. Our laws support it. Even many women support this view.


My point in writing this article is to encourage self awareness. Too many men are unable to see their own behavior. See their own hypocrisy. See the very behavior in themselves that encourages strife and conflict in the world around them.

I encourage self awareness in men so that we can avoid creating relevance out of an irrelevant  presidential candidate. A candidate who become relevant despite being devoid of political experience or temperamental discipline.


man yelling Donald Trump Presidential Candidate

A presidential candidate who seems to think money, fame and the company of beautiful women are all you need to run a country.

I dare say, Donald Trump is only relevant as an irrelevant presidential candidate because there are so many men who agree with him.


Hillary Clinton may not be a perfect presidential candidate. However, she has demonstrated that she can and will work with people who disagree with her.

She’s demonstrated she will continue to move forward even when she isn’t heard or listened to. And Hillary has certainly demonstrated that she will persevere even when she’s shown a total lack of respect and isn’t taken seriously.                       

That’s why I’m With Her.

For the men reading this, I’m not suggesting you vote for Hillary.

I’m suggesting you look more deeply within yourselves. Discover how you contribute to the negative aspects of this country and the world around you.

After all, it’s still a man’s world.

We need you guys to be strong enough to agree to disagree and keep peace.

We need you to dare not to be heard and say it anyway without threatening violence.

We need you men to insist that other men show restraint and respect in both word and deed. Especially, if they’re in a position of authority.

Are you wondering if there’s still hope for Trump? Read this… 


Take Peaceful Action and Light a Candle

To Get Rid Of The Orange Menace


Okay. This might be a bit out there for some of you, but if you have any sense of a Higher Power or that the universe moves in mysterious ways please consider it.

Espcially, if you want to help shift the tides of the current U.S. presidency.

The following might bring you some solace.

Are you like many of us and want to DO something to get the current American president out of office? 


peanut-in shell donald trump presidential candidate

Magick In a Nutshell

So here it is in a nutshell, it’s called… magick. The old fashioned kind. The kind of magick that myths and fairytales extol. The kind where witches, goblins and fairies abound.

Magick, with a “k” is an antiquated term used to differentiate the hidden secrets of the paranormal from theatrical stage magic. Just don’t underestimate the power it can have.

Magick with a “k” is defined in Wikipedia as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.” Sounds very much like what we know today as the highly commercialized “The Secret.”

Traditional magick is a type of spiritual and philosophical template with roots in ancient systems.

Magick has existed through primordial Egyptian practices to Wicca to The Secret and its even woven into some Christian folk traditions. The Catholic and Protestant faiths use similar rituals.

In essence, if you are a believer in the power of nature, God, the universe and human will then the following may be of interest to you.

Why would someone do this? Because it actually works and you can perform this type of magick in the privacy of your own home.

Like The Secret, modern day magick uses the forces of will, nature, God and the universe for manifestation through ritual and ceremony.

Why not do what you can to influence a new chaotic, disastrous presidency before it grows to be a monstrosity?

First, Do No Harm

Let it be said, this magickal spell does NOT wish harm on Donald Trump presidential candidate or any of those in his sphere.

This is a binding spell which effectively stops him from continuing the path he is on. In a non-violent way.

For example, impeachment. Perhaps?

I’m sure we can agree that Donald Trump presidential candidate is better off running his own company and doing reality TV shows than running the U.S. government.

That’s the intention of this binding spell. It will help whether you are doing it by yourself or as part of a group.

Step By Step Instructions to Rid Us of Donald Trump Presidential Candidate

CLICK HERE to download the step by step instructions and the materials you’ll need, the words you must say and the time and date you’ll need to perform the entire ritual.

Thank you for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales. 

R.M. Robbins    info@thewritersnexus.com