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Must See Video: Eminem’s Freestyle Rap On Donald Trump

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Must See Video:

Eminem’s Freestyle Rap On Donald Trump


There is probably only one white celebrity who could level Donald Trump as royally and as publicly as the rap artist Eminem.

Access Hollywood

In the video below, Eminem touches on the many, many flagrant disrespectful and outright racist comments Trump has spoken since he began campaigning for president. Since he was elected, it’s only become worse.

Unlike fellow republicans, Govs. Jeb Bush, John Kasich or Marco Rubio who are mandated by public scrutiny and self respect, Trump doesn’t worry about trivial things like respectability, decency, morality and a basic sense of shame.

Who else could pull off bragging about penis size, insulting an opponent’s wife, or assigning silly nicknames to his competitors.

And who else could have survived The Access Hollywood tape?

Enter Eminem

If there was ever a person Trump could get on a level playing field with on all levels… in the media, verbally, psychologically or morally it’s with Eminem.

The superstar rapper has been raising a defiant middle finger to detractors for the last 25 years.

He may have even fired a few people. Both Trump and the popular rap artist have their preferences in which type of their dirty laundry they air in public.

Oh, and let’s not forget… Eminem is from America’s Rust Belt. Missouri to be exact.

If there’s a better villian to face off against the current president of villians… I don’t know one.

Trump The Bitch

So when Eminem says “Trump the bitch” … and then goes on to say Trump “doesn’t have the balls to respond”… uhm… wow.

My only beef with the rapper is that he took Trump to task mostly because of his white supremisist leanings and racial bias.

If he had be more vocal about the disparaging attitude we’ve seen from Trump regarding women I would be even more enthusiastic about this video.

Either way… you gotta see this.

Watch this and revel in the filth…

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