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Bye Bye Bill… Fox Finally Cuts The O’Reilly Factor Loose

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bill o'reilly bye bye bill sexual harrassment

Bye Bye Bill…

Fox Finally Cuts The O’Reilly Factor Loose


Today, April 19th, Fox News announced it’s letting go one of its best known and successful show host Bill O’Reilly.

The decision Wednesday follows an article in the New York Times.

The shocking truth was revealed earlier this month that stated Bill O’Reilly and Fox News paid nearly $13 million to settle multiple sexual harassment allegations.

That’s $13 million in payments for victims of sexual harassment filed against Bill O’Reilly over the course of his entire career at Fox. Incredible.

In response, more than 50 companies have pulled their advertising from “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The “O’Reilly Factor” is the top-rated show in its time slot. Again, incredible.

Apparently one of the so called factors that lead Fox to finally fire O’Reilly after years of paying his harassment suits, were the protests held outside the Fox News’ headquarters in Manhattan, NY.

Peaceful protests work.

Oddly, Fox announced the ousting of O’Reilly on the same day he was known to be meeting with the Pope at the Vatican. Very strange.

Perhaps Bill needed an extra blessing from the top Catholic to get him through these tough times.

Well, karma’s a bitch.

Watch the video for more info from this TYT network reporter.

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