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Obama Forges His Legacy Overseas As Trump Sets Up A Chaotic Cabinet (VIDEO)

Obama's Legacy

Obama Forges His Legacy Overseas As Trump Sets Up A Chaotic Cabinet

Man, I’m gonna miss this guy… President Obama is in the last months of his presidency. He’s taking this time to cement his legacy throughout the world.

By all accounts, Obama’s presidency has been scandal free. Certainly no personal dramas.

Even his policies have not been controversial so much as (perhaps) incomplete, which Congress is partially responsible for.

Now that President-elect Donald Trump has blundered his way into the White House the contrast in diplomatic styles is monumental.

The Orange Menace has implied that he himself would be a much better Commander-in-Chief and foreign policy negotiator. Ugh.

One of the (many) things which makes President Obama so fabulous is his willingness to reach out to forgotten countries around the world.

This year, he made a stop to the poverty ridden country of Laos. That is a FIRST for any U.S. president.

Obama traveled to Indonesia as a boy and understands Buddhist philosophies. He visited several centuries-old temples in the region.

At a town hall meeting in the northern Laos city of Luang Prabang, the president spoke to the Laotian people about the benefits of a multicultural society. He scolded Americans for being too inward looking.

Obama stated:

“If you are the United States, sometimes you can feel lazy and think, you know, we’re so big, we don’t really have to know anything about other people.”

Unfortunately, he’s right.

We Americans don’t know much about the world beyond our borders. Maybe that’s why Trump was able to convince so many people that immigrants are meant to be barred from co-mingling with us.

Another Obama trait that lends favor to his legacy and which Trump sadly lacks is his diplomacy with Eastern countries. President Obama added that Americans will be left behind if they continue down a path of societal isolationism.

Exactly the kind of path the Orange Menace wants to tread.

Obama’s trip to Laos is his attempt to capture the good will of eastern countries that can help put restraint on the Chinese domination in that region.

Obama made sure to tell Laotians that he was raised partly in Indonesia, voicing:

“Laos reminds me of my childhood.”

In direct contrast, Trump has been known to restrict his travels mostly to where his properties are. As a self-proclaimed germaphobe Trump has long stated his preference for his own luxury resorts.

In contrast, you may want to take a look at Trump in this video. He gives us a clear idea of who he is and how he would represent our country around the world. In my view it’s pitiful.

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