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Recommendations For Coach Renee


To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Renee for a coaching position in your agency.

My name is Jeremy Gross, a licensed social worker, who has known Renee for seven years and have worked with her over that same period of time. She has helped me with my own career path and life interests during her time in New York.

Renee knows how to connect with her clients on a deep level and engages in active listening by reflecting on their experiences and stories. She provides valuable insight into situations and sheds light on patterns in behaviors and/or circumstances.

Renee also advises when she feels fit and often encourages her clients to try new hobbies, lifestyle choices, and routines. She is able to relate to many life experiences and pushes her clients to better themselves.

Renee is dedicated to helping her clients improve and find meaning in their lives. She has the ability to identify core problems and address them accordingly.

I have had many sessions with Renee over the last few years where I discussed presenting challenges in my life. Some included relationship issues, career options, and financial independence. Renee would always show empathy and ask open-ended questions that would really make me think about my decisions.

At one point she encouraged an emphasis on meditation and a deeper connection with nature. To this day I find myself going on more hikes and nature walks to clear my mind and relax.

Renee also discussed potential ideas for myself regarding my field. One example that comes to mind is helping senior citizens connect with their environment and community.

I still converse with Renee with life updates in order to hear her feedback and input. She has given invaluable advice. Renee is soft-spoken and easily approachable.

Her welcoming spirit allows clients to feel comfortable around her and be vulnerable with her. 

If you have any additional questions regarding Renee, please contact me at (917) 583-1358. I will be happy to provide any specifics if needed.


Jeremy Gross, LMSW


Recommendations for Renee R. – Coach & Consultant


To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Alan C. Berger and have been practicing Real Estate for the past 20 years as a sales agent. I have always enjoyed the work and the commitment that I make to my clients. 

Being in my own business is very rewarding to me but the common highs and lows can be overwhelming at times. The final closings are always very rewarding but getting there on a level keel is the challenging part.

I have been working with Renee over the past 3.5 years with the goal of overcoming my own challenges, but also of my clients and how to handle each situation.  

Renee has the ability to reach into my own background and experience and then confronts me with my strengths and weaknesses. She has a great deal of patience and will challenge me when I do not get to the point (my weakness).  

What has rewarded me so much is that she will council me from my client’s point of view.  I have learned that once I get through my client’s objections, I gain their trust and acceptance which ultimately gets me to the closing table. 

I am grateful to have Renee’s guidance as it has made a huge difference in both my professional and personal life.  

In these difficult times everyone seems to be experiencing difficulties and in order for me to succeed I’ve found Renee’s business coaching to be the game changer. 

My confidence in recommending Renee to others is total. Feel free to contact me with any questions at


Alan C. Berger

Licensed Real Estate Agent NYS

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