This Sneak Peek Critique© is of INVISIBLE – Chapter 2 – By James Patterson are all about the first 8 lines of any story.

An experienced editor will tell you they can almost always determine whether or not a manuscript is worth continuing reading very quickly.

Many times within the first 8 sentences and sometimes much sooner… [first sentence.. yikes!].

In fact, the very first sentence of any book or chapter is essential to getting the reader hooked.

A writer can never slack off. Every sentence and every word counts.

Editors know this. That’s why if your story doesn’t grab them within the first 8 lines you’re manuscript is most likely doomed (and dragged) to the trash icon.

That’s why the Sneak Peek Critiques© series is all about the first 8 lines of any story.

Today we’re looking at Sneak Peek Critique© INVISIBLE – Chapter 2 By James Patterson.

‘Cause I think Patterson is a great writer. I can’t get enough of him actually.

Sneak Peek Critique for INVISIBLE Chapter 1 

Sneak Peek Critique© Of INVISIBLE Chapter 2 below…

I love old fairytales… do you? You gotta check this out…

Wishing you much imagination…

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