Why do so many people who “teach” others how to be creative sound so analytical?

They often times talk about the “steps” to the creative process. As if knowing these steps helps you to be more creative.


Below is a perfect example of someone who talks about the “process” without helping anyone become more creative. I don’t want to sound to harsh or get too critical with this guy, but if you’re going to do a service to human beings actually help become more creative… not give them a lecture.

There’s far too much of that going on.   https://youtu.be/Zl0R1uJ62xo

In the video above, the host gives you the break down on the creative process. He even includes the stage in the description below the video. 

In this episode you’ll discover: How Does the Creative Process works?

Five Stages of Creativity – Process Model

  1. The Preparation Stage – absorbing information
  2. The Incubation Stage – letting subconsciousness do the work
  3. The Insight Stage – Aha moment
  4. The Evaluation Stage – is this an idea worth pursuing
  5. The Elaboration Stage – 99% perspiration

The host in this video basically tells people WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. If you want to be creative… it must come from YOU. 

These stages are weathered, grown over sign posts at best. REAL creativity is more about decision making in the moment rather than something that springs from a predicable process like a lawyer would in a trial or a doctor would in surgery.

Our creativity has been so pounded out of most of us that we need some good guidance on how to get it back again.

Between the school system, disciplined parents, corporate working environments, government regulations and societal rules of all types, the human fountain of creativity often runs dry.  


And NO, part of the stages of creativity, is knowing the best ideas DON’T come in the shower or in the middle of the night.


The best ideas are the ones that stick with you and continue to pop up  over and over again through months or even years.

 When you listen to a working artist, someone who is practicing and going through their stages of creativity every day, they usually talk about how they arrive at certain decisions.   Art has much to do with decision making DURING experimentation.

If you want to become a better artist and more creative, practice your art form and watch your thought process as you do it.

Nothing is more important to an artist then understanding what they find interesting, beautiful and compelling.

As you define your preferences… your like and dislikes… you will become more creative and a better artist for understanding yourself more intimately. 

An artist must know themselves.

It sounds simple, but if you’ve never asked yourself what you truly prefer or not you’ll have a tough time creating art you enjoy. I wish you much imagination. Seek your craft and live your art.  

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Thanks for reading. I wish you much imagination.

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