Nicholas Sparks – Author of ‘The Notebook’
Author Videos / October 14, 2016

Here is an interview with bestselling author Nicholas Sparks. Many of his successful novels have been turned into successful movies. It’s interesting to hear a writer who has a lot of writing and a lot of commercial success under his belt talk about his experience. Like many of the other best selling authors I’ve heard speak about joining Hollywood, Sparks almost divorces himself from the process. He seems to have the ability to stay objective about what’s happening yet still stay involved to an extent as a consultant. In the sense that the process is not his anymore. The director, casting director, script writers etc. now have the vision for his story. His latest book ‘See Me‘ looks like it may well be on its way to another book-turned-movie. Listening to an author with such mainstream success is always an interesting experience. Even if you have no idea how they got there.

Book Review of INVISIBLE by James Patterson
Book Reviews / August 16, 2016

Book Review of INVISIBLE by James Patterson & David Ellis Title: INVISIBLE Author: James Patterson Genre: Mystery/Thriller Main Characters Emmy Dockery – FBI Researcher. Dogged and obsessive about finding bad guys. 30-ish, brunette, smart, attractive and our lead protagonist. Harrison “Books” Bookman – Former FBI agent turned book shop owner. Former serious love interest of Emmy’s. Gets dragged back into help on the case. Graham – Our evil and stealthy villain. Marty is a slippery bad guy who will have you absolutely shocked by the end. Phil Dickerson “The Dick” – Emmy’s boss and resident slime ball. He has sexually harassed Emmy in the past and has power to stall if not completely end Emmy’s career. Book Review I found the first chapter of Invisible to be a bit confusing. After that it digs a deep and winding story path. Emmy Dockery discovers early on that her sister has died in a house fire. This is not a spoiler by the way. I don’t like spoilers or telling the reader too much about the plot in general. It’s the death of her sister in the fire that is in large part what drives an already driven FBI researcher. Emmy looks…