6 Crazy Things We Know About Donald Trump Thanks To Marla Maples (VIDEO)
Rants / December 21, 2016

It’s been 15 years since Marla Maples and Donald Trump divorced. After years of threatening to run for president, Donald Trump has now clinched the position of our president-elect. Crazy Thing #1 – As Long As He’s Famous, Your Association With Him Will Make You Famous As soon as he jumped in, Maples was bombarded with questions about her ex-husband and his decision to run. In March of this year, Marla Maples told Us Weekly: “It’s been a crazy six months for me. I’ve had people constantly coming to me wanting my opinion about the presidential race, and I’ve maintained a lot of privacy.” Perhaps watching her ex-husband run for president and hearing her name associated with his again has got Maples itching to find her rightful place in the spotlight. At the time Maples gave the interview to Us Weekly, she also booked a gig with ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. At 52 she’s still beautiful and extremely fit. Here’s what she says of her impending dance competition: “this is an opportunity (for me) to really be seen in my own light.” This seems a critically timed move by someone who was so intimately and publicly connected to Donald Trump….