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Putin Proves That Megyn Kelly Ain’t No Barbara Walters (Videos)

Putin Proves Megyn Kelly Ain't No Barbara Walters

Putin Proves That Megyn Kelly…

Ain’t No Barbara Walters



If there was any doubt that Putin was a highly skilled politician and Megyn Kelly is a figure head for the mainstream American media the below videos are confirmation.

It’s tough watching a seasoned reporter such as Kelly gets clobbered by The Russian Mallet.

“It seems to me” that Kelly just wasn’t getting it. She didn’t address his direct points.

Instead she fell back on good old America sentimental schlock.

In a nutshell, Megyn Kelly ain’t no Barbara Walters.

There are two videos below that demonstrate this with crystal clarity.

The FULL UNEDITED Version of

Megyn Kelly’s Interview With Putin


Here’s a FULL UNEDITED version of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Putin.

You can see his irritation with her and frankly I don’t blame him.

She represents the mainstream media in America.

Americans need to understand that whatever frustrations they have with their own media… the world at large sees them as fools. Ouch.

What’s really unfortunate is that Kelly falls back on her heels.

She’s smart enough to recognize that she’s dealing with a highly knowledgable and skilled world leader, but not clever enough to bob and weave and have a freaking back up question that isn’t just a reiteration of the first.

Do your homework!

Sentimentalization and self pity does not guilt or shame a world leader like Putin into submission.

What did she really think he was going to say? Really?

Whatever media hype and attention Kelly developed during the presidential campaign in 2016 when she moderated one of the Republican debates, has now since vanished.

It all started with her going to Trump Tower to interview Trump… on his turf after he hurled ugly insults at her publicly.

In recent memory, it’s hard to think of someone who gained so much credibility, only to squander it so quickly and foolishly.

Thank you for reading and watching.

I wish you many imaginative tales.

R.M. Robbins    info@thewritersnexus.com

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