What Is A Medical Intuitive And What Do They Do? (Videos)

What Is A Medical Intuitive And What Do They Do? (Videos)

In this article we briefly answer the question; What is a Medical Intuitive?



 Brief Definition

A Medical Intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor, who specializes in perceiving information energetically concerning the physical body.

A Medical Intuitive can energetically read the energy field of someone and detect abnormalities, injuries and illness inside (organs, glands, blood, etc.) our bodies.

How a Medical Intuitive Works

The work of a Medical Intuitive is done by ‘scanning’ the body for areas or imbalances that may need alignment or treatment.

Often times they will be able to explain the connection between energy and a recurring emotion or an event causing the illness.

Sometimes, if the doctor is open to it, intuited information can be provided to the client’s health care professional.

This may help with further evaluation and discussion of possible treatments.

There are many medical intuitives who work with medical professionals or are indeed medical doctors themselves.

Many medical intuitives are found in the non-medical healings arts which include energy work, bodywork, counseling, coaching etc.

These practitioners work in different ways. Some obtain purely intuitive information while others will gently lay hands on clients or offer them advice. Some have tools, such as crystals, herbs, oils and tarot cards to help them intuitively assess a client’s condition.

In the end, the medical intuitive, often identifies energetic blockages and imbalances in a client, as well as, the strengths and weakness of their overall health.


Energy Medicine From A Distance

For example, medical intuitives, such as Edgar Cayce, can sense the energy of a person in another continent as easily as someone in the same room.

The accuracy of their intuitive diagnoses is not lessened by distance. They can sense if someone has cancer whether they are in the next room or in Antarctica.

Perhaps we’ve arrived at a time in our evolution that being able to categorize energy is an important and very doable idea.

Indeed, to organize forms of energy, as the mind loves to analyze, organize and categorize things, is another step toward our own evolving consciousness.

Below is a video of a medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, and below that a young woman who is also a medical intuitive healer who has some interesting things to say about how to take care of our energy.


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