Why Most Channelers Are Not Channeling Who Or What They Think They Are

Why Most Channelers Are Not Channeling Who Or What They Think They Are

Like many of you reading this, I have explored the psychic and spiritual worlds in many ways.


Tarot card and palm readings, meditation workshops, intuition building seminars etc.

It can all be helpful. Yet, it can all be misleading. It can all be flat out WRONG too.

So this post is about why and how to detect someone who says they are a channeler… and isn’t.

They may even be entirely sincere. They may truly believe they are channeling an entity or angel or spirit of someone that used to be.

However, there are some tell tale signs that point glaringly at the fact that most people are NOT channelers.


Why most channelers are not channeling who they think they are.

It might be surprised to know just how subtly channelers are being manipulated and ultimately corrupted.

The biggest reason for this corruption is the fact that most channelers do NOT pay attention to Energetic PROTECTION & SAFETY.

In fact, most energetic healers and practitioners know very little of how to protect their own energy or the energy of their clients.

This includes everyone from Reiki practitioners, to psychics, to religious/spiritual leaders, to channelers, and beyond.


To this point, I want to introduce the spiritual healing work of a small group of individuals.

Their site is https://getwisdom.com

It was founded by a scientist and channeler named Karl Mollison. His partners are a lawyer and technology manager, Brian Kelly and Denny Hunt who is their media host and manager and top researcher.



I found GetWisdom in the summer of 2019 after 20 years of working with a phenomenal Spiritualist Healer.

I can truthfully say I would not be writing this today if I hadn’t found this Spiritualist Healer.

After 2 decades of working together, I felt as strong as I ever had in my life. It was time to explore a new avenue of energetic healing and understanding for my own growth.

That’s when GetWisdom came onto my radar.

To make a long story short, Karl and company helped to put a few puzzle pieces of understanding in place for me.

That’s why I became a practitioner of The Lightworker Healing Protocol or LHP for short.

I have incorporated this work into the 20 years of spiritual apprenticeship with my healer.

I now feel armed with superior understanding, both energetically and cognitively to help people and this Earth find FREEDOM.


However, true freedom only comes with good boundaries and a knowledge of how to protect oneself.

This is part of the reason why a coach will teach a boxer how to protect him/herself before they teach them how to punch.


So the next time you listen to a channeled message ask yourself this; What are they really telling us?

If it sounds like something you could read in any common self help book or has generalized information and few specifics… it’s probably a corrupted source.



If however, the channeled message is something you haven’t heard before, yet sounds grounded in logic, that is most certainly a very HIGH message. Meaning it’s from a source that is genuinely representing a Divine Source, such as an archangel or higher guide or guardian.


If you would like to know more about GetWisdom I encourage you to visit their site. Take a look at their FREE downloads which offer A LOT of information and are the basis for all the work they do there.

If you want to experience the LHP for yourself or want to order a session for a loved one find their information… HERE.




Here is a quote from one of the channelings Karl Mollison facillitated for “Source Creator” <— which is the term GetWisdom uses to call God.


“Every individual has been put on earth with a specific purpose and living up to that potential is a privilege and a duty we have to ourselves and the people around us. The path to enlightenment can be lonely, frustrating, and incredibly challenging—but it’s also fulfilling.

Individuals who are looking for spiritual enlightenment may feel like everything they know is on shaky ground as they separate fact from fiction, but in the end, it’s all worth it as you come to realize the weight of truth.

You have so much power within your being and the best way to use it is by looking for enlightenment and growing through that.”

– Channeled information from Source Creator through Karl Mollison


Follow This Link or Click the Pic Below for an immediate download…

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I will be taking a lot more about GetWisdom and the LHP. If you are interested in working with me directly you can visit This Page for more info or contact me below.


Thank you for reading and I wish you many imaginative tales. Renee

Email at: thewritersnexus@gmail.com

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