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If God Gave Us Free Will – Why Are There Ten Commandments? Enter –> The Ten Divine PRINCIPLES For Living

I’m not particularly religious but I am very spiritual.

I believe deeply in a Higher Power, who I understand to be loving and non-judgement.

The Creator of All That Is.

The Creator has given us Free Will. That’s why the 10 Commandments seem so out of touch.

It/He/She also allows us the choice to partner with It or not.

So, in light of that, a channeler and former pharmacologist has channeled some new information from  Creator.

The Ten Divine Principles For Living are below.


Ten Divine Principles for Living

As Channeled by Medium and Healer Karl Mollison from Getwisdom.com

  1. Uplift the self with no harm to others.
  2. Uplift others with no harm to the self.
  3. Honor the responsibility to family and to friends for the exchange of love, and fulfill commitments.
  4. Be honest in all transactions as a way of honoring the soul of the other party and one’s own soul and its integrity.
  5. Share what you gain from your efforts with others in need, in a balanced way, to not harm the self or loved ones, who rightfully have priority.
  6. Share love in everything you do, and be open for opportunities to give your love to others in as many ways as you can, through acts of kindness, giving thanks, being respectful, offering encouragement, and showing appreciation and gratitude for what you received from others, as well.
  7. Safeguard your soul to nurture its learning and growth, not at the expense of others but to meet your responsibility to be your soul’s guardian, and take care of its safety and protection from harm.
  8. Aid all others with their learning and growth, to understand their need for this as a birthright and an important part of life, and understand this does not represent the actions of an enemy, but fellow humans in need, and not meant to take away from you getting your share. In a world of love there is room for all. This is both a challenge and an opportunity.
  9. Healing and repair is the highest of priorities for the self, as no one else can see to this. It must come from within each person as a desire and a commitment to make the investment, to guarantee a happy future.
  10. Honor the need of others to have healing and to see their plight, in part, as your responsibility and obligation as a fellow human, so you are sympathetic, and supportive, and understanding of the importance for them to have a pathway to healing in order to make up for losses and wounds to their soul, as all will be harmed when one suffers. You are in this together and share the responsibility for one another. No one is safe until all are safe. This is the true and quite profound meaning of the unity of the human family. You can make this a practice because it is not only an idea but a reality.

I wish you many imaginative tales. R.M. Robbins

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