I have a voiceover profile on ACX which is the Amazon platform for audiobooks.

You can buy audiobooks there. You can sell them and you can narrate them.

As a voiceover artist on ACX, I audition by uploading audio I’ve created based on the script the author has provided.

All of the books that are open to auditions are already on Amazon as ebooks.

Sometimes the author decides they do not want to move forward with creating an audiobook.

So they take the audition down.

The tough part is I’ve already spent the time and energy to do my best on the audition.


I won’t waste my time and energy which is why all the ACX auditions I perform will be going up on my site here.

Below was an interesting script entitled Howl At The Moon.

Find it on Kindle HERE…

Below is the audio file of the audition I did for ACX. The audition transcript is below that.

Excerpt Chapter Eight of Howl At The Moon:

Ding. I looked down to see what Glynn typed.  “I thought you were having the tree limb removed and the window repaired today, what happened?  Do you need help?”  No, no I definitely do not need help.

God, if he came over now, there damn sure wouldn’t be any limbs breaking windows to interrupt us, and I really didn’t need to be sleeping with my partner, I felt my face getting hot just thinking about it.  Hell, I waited this long, I may as well wait for a while longer.  At least until I find someone I don’t have to work with every day.  Ding. “Hello, you there?”

“I got it Sykes, thanks.  Jennifer texted earlier to let me know they got caught on another call and couldn’t get to it until tomorrow.”  More dots bouncing at the bottom of the screen.  Man I suck at this.  I put my phone in my back pocket, and went to the corner where Dad kept the drop cloths and tarps.  I unfolded a few until I found one the right size. Ding.  Nope, Nope, Nope.

I clicked the light off, and waited for my eyes to adjust. I could see the door with the moonlight, and I didn’t want to touch my phone again.  Sometimes it says if you read the message, and I just can’t right now.  I made it out of the barn, and was latching the door, and I heard howling in the distance.  I shivered this time.  The howling sounded sad, or maybe it just made me feel sad.

Ding. Nope. Not going to look. There was no answering howl.

I stood for a moment more, listening, looking at the stars, and breathing in the crisp night air.  Suddenly, I just wanted to run.  I had a trail I used to train on for cross country through the woods behind the house.  Forget the window, forget the tarp, forget the phone…  Ding. Lawd, he is persistent.  I pulled out the phone, 3 messages.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come help, it was a big window?”

“Sarah, are you okay?”

“I am getting in my car.”  Oh hell.

I frantically typed, “No, Glynn, I’m good.  It is a long drive and we have work in the morning…” send “I already got the tarp handled” send…it wasn’t a lie, I had the tarp in my hand – tarp handled. “I will see you tomorrow okay?” send.  Dots at the bottom of the phone.  I hate the dots.  Ding.

“Ok.”  No dots. Oh great, I hurt his feelings.

I typed, “Thank you for the offer.  Happy New Year, Glynn, Good night.” send.

More dots… “Good night Sarah” with a smiley face.  Oh good, a smiley face, crisis averted.

I got the window covered in record time.  They were replacing it tomorrow, so I just used some nails in the broken frame.  I could hear the wind whistle through sometimes, but it was already warmer.  Good enough for government work.

Excerpt from Chapter Nine:

Writhing in pleasure, she was getting close now.  He could tell she was about to go over the edge, and he could not make himself look away.  She opened her eyes and he froze, but she saw him anyway.  He took hold and squeezed his tumescence painfully, for when she looked upon him, he was so close he produced a single bead of pre-cum.  It dripped from the engorged head onto his finger, releasing his pheromones into the air.

She couldn’t have held back the waves of pleasure that slammed into her body. His pheromones were like her own personal aphrodisiac. While she was in the throes of climax, he slipped back out the way he came. He stood at the window watching her ride out the tremors of orgasm.

He sagged against the brick of the house.

His manhood was so swollen with desire, it scraped across the brick when he exhaled. The rough pain sent shock through his core.  That tiny stimulation was all it took.  Grabbing his thick shaft, he squeezed, and pumped his fist up and down as he watched the pleasure play across Sarah’s face.

His hardened cock throbbed and jet after thick jet of his milky hot seed shot into the snow. It sizzled like water on a hot griddle when it hit.  By the time he was completely spent, she was fast asleep. He smiled thinking that he unintentionally came with her.

Chuckling, he shook his head.

The way he saw it going, he hadn’t intended to lay claim to the territory, but none would dare approach her home now, it was as good as marked. He snuck back in.  He would hold her on this night.  Reaching out, he touched her silk-like silver hair, and she pressed her face into his huge hand.  He knew then, he would never let her go. He’d already lost her once.

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