I have a voiceover profile on ACX which is the Amazon platform for audiobooks.

You can buy audiobooks there. You can sell them and you can narrate them.

As a voiceover artist on ACX, I audition by uploading audio I’ve created based on the script the author has provided.

All of the books that are open to auditions are already on Amazon as ebooks.

Sometimes the author decides they do not want to move forward with creating an audiobook.

So they take the audition down.

The tough part is I’ve already spent the time and energy to do my best on the audition.


I refuse to waste my time and energy.

All the ACX auditions I perform will be going up on my site here.

Below was an interesting script entitled Jih’s Journey.

Find it on Kindle HERE…

Below is the audio file of the audition I did for ACX. The audition transcript is below that.

jih's journey, acx, voiceover

ACX Audition Transcript for Jih’s Journey

In The Beginning: I

A young and tired boy rushed through the undergrowth of trees and bushes as his heart raced. The clink of stone in a bag strapped to his side increased in volume as he sped up.

The land was unkempt and wild, as vines and brambles obscured the way home. He regretted his decision of taking a different path than the road most traveled, but it was not in vain.

The bounty he held was a prized source of flint needed to make anything he desired.

He was filled with exhaustion as he gripped a carved and shaped stone, desperate to cut a path for himself. With every breath, beads of sweat hit the very plants he manipulated before touching the ground.

The ground was wet from the rains of the early morning that pierced through the rainforest canopy.

His feet were bare and bled slightly from his rushing, as thorns scraped the bottom half of his body. The sound of ambient thunder in the sky accompanied each strike that he made.

Each shade of green in the trees was more deceiving than the last as the boy’s brown eyes looked forward and carved away at a seemingly infinite layer of foliage.

All the while, the sound of clicking insects and birds filled his eardrums.

His senses were overwhelmed by the number of stimuli going on around him. The boy’s feet and ankles hurt, but he worked through the pain.

His biggest concern was the snarls of enraged hyenas that took refuge close to him. His ears were primed to pick these up out of the cacophony of jungle life around him.

Hyenas were a scourge on the land past areas his people deemed safe, their handiwork could be seen everywhere with broken bones and claw marks along the ground. An inexperienced hunter could easily fall prey to them, and he lacked a weapon of his own.

One pack of hyenas were resting, but the boy’s presence reminded them of their intense hunger.

Out of everything that inhabited the jungle, the scent of man was one to be feared and drove predators with rage.

The four hyenas reared up and started their pursuit from a haphazardly constructed den planted between foliage. Their brown spotted coats, tight bodies, and sharp claws were all advantages to help them on the hunt.

Compared to the extravagant colors of the rainforest, these drab animals were able to disguise themselves long enough for the kill.

One of their ears turned, tuned to the sound of chopping in the distance. Another dug its claws into the soil while waiting for the order from the largest who stood as the matriarch.

Their panicked yelps that sounded through the forest urged the boy to keep going but his smell already reached the group.

The footsteps of the animals became ever louder as they broke through the layers of forest. Their bodies braved the dense foliage as broken branches fell to the floor in their lust for blood.

Other creatures dispersed, not wanting to get involved with the pursuit. Not without a plan, the boy picked up a few rocks, and expertly launched them through the brush with a heavy thud diverting their direction.

The cantankerous hyenas were just as willing to fight among themselves as anything else, and a heavy sound to the forest floor mocked that of more satisfying prey.

The boy used this knowledge to his advantage. The pack of four split off from another, three hyenas were successfully off the trail, but the matriarch remained.

The boy noticed the unusual calm that came by as the sounds of the hyenas vanished, but his pace didn’t slow.

The matriarch laid low, her claws embedded in the soil as she inched closer and waited patiently to make her strike.

The last layer of foliage was carved down where the presence of tents, open fire pits, and others of his kind going about their day came into his vision.

Unlike the northern part of the jungle filled with danger, this village was cleared and heavily maintained.

The boy’s face was filled with relief as the productivity of home was seen in the distance.

Men were gathered hauling wood to various locations, while their women counterparts bound vines together into essential fibers. They wore an assortment of clothing, with those of higher status wearing furs compared to leaves and grass.

Some chose to go without clothes at all, and left their backs bare in the wind that blew, with only a simple covering of the bottom.

They worked in tandem as they were dispersed through the village. He could see that new additions to their band were coming as the skeletons of homes could be seen in the distance.

Their discussions were held over open fire as he emerged with a small grin. He was never happier to have the scent of smoke and burning wood fill his nose.

He made his presence known to the group in the distance. The boy waved a hand, dropping his carved stone and held up the bag with the gathered flint.

While the boy continued his walk into the village, the snarls he desperately avoided sounded once again, just barely picking it up through his ears. He looked behind him to see a rumble in the brush and the matriarch emerged.

A cold sweat of terror came over him as he froze entirely. He thought he’d been so careful, and now he endangered everyone, including himself. His arm tensed as he recalled dropping the only thing he could use for defense.

He slowly turned himself around to look the hyena in the eyes. For some reason, it had yet to attack him.

He noticed that the hyena studied its surroundings, animals rarely breached the security they made, and this was a new experience.

Luckily, strength came in numbers. A foolhardy creature, the hyena sought to use its size to intimidate, and made the decision to rush wildly into the campsite.

Immersed in discussion, the voice of an older woman called back as her face filled with horror at the scene before her.

She quickly got up and observed the two figures. Her look of panic turned the heads of many as she frantically gripped a spear that leaned on the side of a home.

Her entire body vibrated with adrenaline and disgust at the animal that would threaten her livelihood, and most importantly, her son.

Quickly, she pointed and directed people into positions before calling out in the distance.

“Jih! Come to Hizo! Denmey is dangerous, mind your surroundings!” Hizo commanded as Jih ran as fast he could.

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