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Author Rick Riordan Offers Three Tips For New Writers

Author Rick Riordan

Bestselling author Rick Riordan offers new writers 3 tips to kick their writing career into high gear.

Riordan is best known for his first book in a series: Percy Jackson & The Olympians.

In the video below, Riordan talks to a representative from Adolescent Literacy

Adolescent Literacy is a a national non-profit organization helping parents and teachers of struggling teenaged readers and writers.

Adolescent Literacy is an offshoot of the Washington Educational Television Association or WETA

WETA is a large, well known public television and radio station in our nation’s capital. It’s funded mostly by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Although Riordan is addressing a younger audience, but his points ring true for any writer starting out.

In fact, his advice could be given to seasoned professional authors too. At least as a good reminder if nothing else. 

The 3 main points he makes are:

  1. You must READ
  2. You must WRITE
  3. DON’T give up!

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