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“Thought Bubbles” & Examining The Steps Of The Creative Process

thought bubbles

    We’re all about the internal creative process at The Nexus.  Any creative project or any material thing at all, exists because someone had a thought. An idea. There are more than enough creative art and writing techniques bulging…
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How To Spot A Jackson Pollock Forgery When An Original Goes For $100 Million

We’re always on the look out for wonderful art and creative tips in my internet travels. One day I discovered this youtube video on how to spot a Jackson Pollock fake. It seems an original Jackson Pollock – when he…
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Taking A Look At The Thought Process Behind Creativity – The Moment Of Infinity

I’m fascinated with the creative process in general. I love art of all kinds. Acting, painting, mixed media, writing, fashion design, dancing etc. I dabble in a number of these creative areas. At the beginning of starting a project, during…
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Remove The Bugs From Your Creative Process… A Look At Productive Flourishing

So I found the following article at and wanted to throw in my two bits on it. I think the article is interesting and helpful, yet is a somewhat superficial analysis of the creative process. I will say though, has been…
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If You’ve Ever Suspected That 5G & The Coronavirus #Covid-19 Are Connected… You Were Right & Here’s Why {PDF DOWNLOAD}

    If you’ve ever had doubts as to whether there was a global connection between 5G & The Coronavirus well, you were right. Here’s a well researched PDF download that fills you in. It’s only 11 pages and well…
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Spiritualists and Spiritualist Healers – Who Are They & What Do They Do?

spiritualist healers, unicorn

In a Nutshell: Spiritualism is a spiritual belief system with 3 branches; religion, philosophy and science. It’s a monotheistic religion, philosophy and science based on the practice and demonstration of psychic mediumship. A Spiritualist is a one who believes in…
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Struggling With Low Self Esteem? Here’s What We Can Do About It (Podcast)

self esteem, get wisdom, karl mollison, channeled info, help for mental illness

Below is a podcast discussing the deep pervasive universal problem of low self esteem. It’s from where they have devised a plan to help and heal humanity. It’s well worth checking out. Let’s tackle a list of questions that…
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A Christmas Carol (1910) – Ebenezer Scrooge Played by Tom Ricketts – One Of The Earliest Versions of This Charles Dickens Classic

A Christmas CArol, Scrooge, tom rickettes, vintage christmas, charles dickens

  The actor playing Ebenezer Scrooge in this FIRST AMERICAN adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol is Thomas B. Ricketts. (January 15, 1853 – January 19, 1939) Ricketts was a London-born American stage and film actor and director who was a pioneer in…
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How To Tell A Divine Channeled Source From An Imposter – Immediate Download

  How To Tell A Divine Channeled Source From An Imposter Discover why most channelers are not channeling who they think they are. It might be surprised to know just how subtly channelers are being manipulated and ultimately corrupted. Follow…
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A History Of Video Games – The Gaming Industry Is Not Just For Kids Anymore {VIDEO}

history of video games

A History Of Video Games – Since the 1970s, the gaming industry has made a dramatic journey. It’s gone from a fringe element to mainstream activity.   The First Video Games… One of the first and most successful video games,…
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Greg Palast Award Winning Investigative Journalist & TYT Founder Cenk Ugyur Talk Voter Suppression {VIDEO}

investigative journalist, greg palast, award winning

Cenk Uygur interviews Greg Palast, award winning investigative journalist on voter purging in Georgia and other states in the U.S. It’s shocking and shameful what the GOP has done. If you have any doubt left as to whether Trump was elected legally…
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THE MUELLER REPORT – The Mueller Report – With a Video Performance Starring John Lithgow

john lithgow, trump theater, mueller report, audio version mueller report

  This is a fun production… not the least of which is John Lithgow’s performance as Trump. Here are DIRECT links to the FREE versions of THE MUELLER REPORT…   And for those who don’t want to read,…
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Principles On Making Your Prayers & Meditations As Fully Effective As Possible

creativity and god, divine creativity

Have you ever wondered why your prayers and meditations don’t seem to be as effective as you’d like? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t… and sometimes it works a little bit. Well, there are reasons why this is and…
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Renaissance Man –> Leonardo Da Vinci As Channeled By Karl Mollison {VIDEO}

leonardo da vinci, mona lisa, renaissance man, writer, painter, scientist

  A Short Bio On Renaissance Man —> Leonardo Da Vinci From Leonardo da Vinci 15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519), was an Italian polymath of the Renaissance. His areas of interest include; invention painting sculpting architecture science music…
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If God Gave Us Free Will – Why Are There Ten Commandments? Enter –> The Ten Divine PRINCIPLES For Living

10 commandments 10 principles

I’m not particularly religious but I am very spiritual. I believe deeply in a Higher Power, who I understand to be loving and non-judgement. The Creator of All That Is. The Creator has given us Free Will. That’s why the…
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Get Wisdom – Answers From The Creator Of All That Is – Channeled by Karl Mollison

karl mollison questions and answers for creator channeled

As of August/2019 I began training as a Lightworker Healing Protocol Practitioner. What that means is this: I’m learning exactly how to pray/meditate/ask for healing from the Divine Creator on the behalf of others. It’s distance healing with a profound,…
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In This VIDEO Sadhguru Talks About What REAL Leadership Is All About

Spiritual, Leadership, light, candle

I love this guy. I discovered Sadhguru and the work he does through the Isha Foundation on 2016. The U.S. presidential election was coming to a head in November and many of us were absolutely horrified at what we were…
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The Very First Known ANIMATION – Émile Cohl’s Fantasmagorie (1908) It’s FUNNY!

I love knowing pieces of entertainment industry history and this is a special one. This is the first known animated film by French caricaturist, cartoonist and animator Émile Cohl. Available in the public domain here: This film is one…
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50 Shades Of Grey – Sneak Peek Critique© – Reviewing The First 8 & Most Critical Lines

sneak peek critiques 50 shades of grey book review

Sneak Peek Critiques© are all about The first 8 LINES of any book. Most editors & literary agents know if they want to keep reading a manuscript within those first 8 sentences. So, today we take a look at 50…
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Chicken Little – Original 1943 Version From Disney Classics – Cartoons for Teaching Kids

  This is the Original 1943 version of Chicken Little From Disney Classics – And it’s NOTHING like you remember. I had to put this up because there is such phenomenal history in this Chicken Little version that is still…
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A REVIEW of HARRY POTTER & The Cursed Child by JK Rowling- Audiobook {VIDEO}

Harry potter and the cursed child book review and play script

  Here’s a quick review of HARRY POTTER & The Cursed Child by JK Rowling {VIDEO below} I listened to this video on Harry Potter And The Cursed Child over several days as it’s over 6 hours long. This is…
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‘Plays Well With Others’ – A Podcast About Collaboration – Comparing Ants & Editors At Wikipedia

Ants comparing to Wikipedia

  We all know podcasts have exploded in the last few years… and for good reason. They are easy to consume and easy to share. That’s why, when I came across this CreativeCommonsPodcast I had to share it. The podcast…
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Working With Psychics & Spiritualist Healers To Avoid Opioids And Antidepressants

woman 50+ opioids and antidepressants, spiritualist healers, psychic

    In my quest to discuss the Life Force Energy Crisis we are seeing everywhere in our American culture, I do my best to bring a sensible and rational approach to working with the type of psychic known as…
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Intention And Healing: When Psychics Become Psychologists

psychic as Psychologist, intention and healing

  My intention, when writing about The Spirit In Treatment, is to document and describe the events of a Life Force Energy Crisis. More often than not, I find the internet is woefully devoid of specific and complex information on…
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What is A Life Force Energy Crisis {LFEC} And How Is It Healed?

treatment series, spirit in treatment, life force energy

  If you’re in the middle of a Life Force Energy Crisis {LFEC} you will probably have experienced tremendous lethargy, depression, anger, mood swings and exhaustion. Today we have several names for this combination of symptoms. OCD, ADD, ADHD, PTSD,…
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