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The Writing & Creativity category contains videos and information on writing in general, tips from famous writers and the information on the creative process from our group we call ‘The Nexus’.

“Thought Bubbles” & Examining The Steps Of The Creative Process

thought bubbles

    We’re all about the internal creative process at The Nexus.  Any creative project or any material thing at all, exists because someone had a thought. An idea. There are more than enough creative art and writing techniques bulging…
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How To Spot A Jackson Pollock Forgery When An Original Goes For $100 Million

We’re always on the look out for wonderful art and creative tips in my internet travels. One day I discovered this youtube video on how to spot a Jackson Pollock fake. It seems an original Jackson Pollock – when he…
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Taking A Look At The Thought Process Behind Creativity – The Moment Of Infinity

I’m fascinated with the creative process in general. I love art of all kinds. Acting, painting, mixed media, writing, fashion design, dancing etc. I dabble in a number of these creative areas. At the beginning of starting a project, during…
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Remove The Bugs From Your Creative Process… A Look At Productive Flourishing

So I found the following article at and wanted to throw in my two bits on it. I think the article is interesting and helpful, yet is a somewhat superficial analysis of the creative process. I will say though, has been…
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The Very First Known ANIMATION – Émile Cohl’s Fantasmagorie (1908) It’s FUNNY!

I love knowing pieces of entertainment industry history and this is a special one. This is the first known animated film by French caricaturist, cartoonist and animator Émile Cohl. Available in the public domain here: This film is one…
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Chicken Little – Original 1943 Version From Disney Classics – Cartoons for Teaching Kids

  This is the Original 1943 version of Chicken Little From Disney Classics – And it’s NOTHING like you remember. I had to put this up because there is such phenomenal history in this Chicken Little version that is still…
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Arron Sorkin & Jordan Peele Join Writers Roundtable On The Hollywood Reporter

Jordan Peele Writers Roundtable The Hollywood Reporter

Here’s an episode of The Hollywood Reporter with host Stephen Galloway. It’s a full hour. It has some very interesting tidbits on writing. Especially, near the end. I mainly wanted to post this video because Jordan Peele and Arron Sorkin…
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Brigham Young University Teacher On Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writing

book pages sci-fi fantasy Novel

Brigham Young University Teacher On Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writing   Did you skip out on your college classes? Spent more time chasing dates and going to parties? Here is a teacher introducing his creative writing for science fiction and fantasy class. …
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Nicholas Sparks – Author of ‘The Notebook’ Speaks About Writing

Nicholas Sparks

Here is an interview with bestselling author Nicholas Sparks. Many of his successful novels have been turned into successful movies. It’s interesting to hear a writer who has a lot of writing and a lot of commercial success under his…
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Salman Rushdie Is Mortified: Donald Trump Thinks He’s Cool

Salman Rushdie

Renown international bestselling author Salman Rushdie spoke at the University of Virginia’s Humanities Festival on September 18. It was a sold-out show with the line up snaking around the theater and down the block. Click title to ccontinue reading…