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‘Blue Thunder’ – A Poem By Red Robbin

Blue Thunder


The mighty stallion stands so proud
His true nature like soil unplowed
Many strong men cannot subdue
This great equine of silver-blue

Then one morning with skies of gray
As grizzled horsemen chat away
One man’s young son chases a hen
Into the blue steed’s private den

The gallant head turned to explode
Red nostrils flaring, his eyes glowed
Danger deemed of imminent kind
As the boy seemed to be confined

Sensing the child was not a threat
The steed reacted like a large pet
For years to come men would wonder
Why that stallion held his thunder


Blue Thunder a poem by Red Robbin

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Wishing you much imagination…

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Pealing Bells of Peace - An Original Poem

‘Pealing Bells of Peace’ – An Original Poem By Red Robbin

**This poem – as with many of the poems on this site – was written many years ago. About 15-20 years ago to be semi-exact. I’ve uploaded them here because I still like them and think they might be worth reading.**

Pealing Bells of Peace


A faint yet familiar sound calls

As I rise on wings of angels

It seeps through all erected walls

Hark now, I hear the peal of bells

It drowns my grief and clears my mind

Floating my spirit high, I rest

And I return renewed in kind

Peace as a medal, pinned to my chest


Wishing you much imagination…

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‘Rainbow Times’ – An Original Poem By Red Robbin

Rainbow Times


I sit on bleached cotton under an azure sky
dreaming the Dream that came true,
shaded by fragrant pink blossoms
I gaze upon endless leafy acres

The horizon bleeds into the sanction
of majestic steel mountains;
Bays and chestnuts we’ve ridden a thousand times graze
while the crimson barn you built stabs the landscape

You saunter toward me wrapped in a carefree cloud
wearing that loose white shirt and burnt sienna slacks,
looking strong and sun-baked like a vibrant Sahara;
You smile at me as I catch your eye

Bringing my favorite red wine and your mother’s silver goblets,
you sink into the black iron bench next to me and pour
I reach for the large paisley platter (a wedding gift)
loaded and steaming with hot garden greens

We share ourselves as we share our meal
and find something new again after all these years
I’m awake in this Dream and find it’s more
penetrating than my imagination had allowed


Now… The sun a glowing gold coin in the dawning sky
The dewy grass lays misty as in a flea market found watercolor
Swathed in the white terrycloth you gave me
I lift my morning mug to my unpainted lips

And I think of you…

If I knew that day was adieu
I would have said a big Thank You

I sit on our black iron bench and review the Dream I had been living
that came so very long overdue and ended too soon.


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Wishing you much imagination…