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My Cognitive & Behavioral coaching, as CBC most always does, focuses on the present time in a client’s life.

You can only change the future in the now, right?

My coaching is something other than therapy, but sometimes it looks and feels the same.

Ultimately, my assumption is that the client is the expert in their lives.


When I start with a client, I do my best to draw out as complete a version of their challenge as I can. Which means, mostly listening and asking questions.


I create a space of non-judgement and compassion for the client feel comfortable enough to decipher their own thoughts without hesitation.


For example, if a client sets an intention to “get along better with his mother,” I help them by asking questions that define what that looks like for them and how that’s going to happen.


That’s where I use my version of The Socratic Questioning Method.

This is a technique developed by the Greek philosopher Socrates whereby he determined that asking questions heightens our critical thinking abilities and ultimately raises consciousness.

When the answer is given I, as a coach, listen attentively, intuitively and with an attitude of openness. Meaning, as a new comer, learning about someone new, which I am. Then I ask more questions.

This helps the client find the right solution for their challenge.


There is always follow up by email afterward so the client doesn’t feel ‘left’.


Some of the applications for my style of cognitive and behavioral coaching are:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • insomnia
  • substance abuse disorders
  • codependency (enabling)
  • work or school challenges
  • anger management
  • grief and loss
  • relationship issues

A Final Word About What I Bring To My Cognitive and Behavioral Coaching

For over 20 years I practiced as a massage therapist and energy worker.

It’s within the last 5-7 years that I have transitioned into freelance writing, developmental editing and Cognitive and Behavioral Coaching.

Additionally, I have extensive training in somatic therapies. Some of these techniques include;

  • ISF (Internal Family System)
  • HMR (Holographic Memory Resolution)
  • LHP (Lightworker Healing Protocol)
  • Usui Reiki Master


At this stage in my life (I’m nearly 60) I greatly value my freedom of time, thought and movement.

This reflects the mission I’m on to help others find their own internal sense of freedom, as that is the only way to create a free and liberated society for ALL of us.


“As Within; So Without” A Universal Law


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