Coach For Creatives

I have tried to “niche down” but for where I am in my life and what I have to offer…

It just doesn’t make sense.

That’s why The Writers Nexus is the hub for my skills which can help you in your life and career.



If you are a creative person and especially, if you have some type of income stream derived from your creativity and need some help, you came to the right place.  


I’m like you.

I’m a writer.

I’m an artist and crafter.

I like to discover fringe and alternative points of view.


Like you, I have an artsy, creative brain that is able to focus intensely for long periods of time, BUT it also wants to follow energy and new interests…

Right NOW. 


So if I’m like you, you understand that how this type of mind can put a damper on productivity, output, organization and ultimately, your income.

However, with the right understanding of who you are and what you want to get out into the world, your creative life and business life can start to flow together nicely. 

AND… People will start to respond.



That the creative brain works differently than a quote ‘normal’ brain.

The neural pathways are not as ‘organized’ in a creative brain.

Unless you had a growing up environment which provided a good balance of discipline and artistic freedom, you probably need some help getting those opposing forces in alignment.


Cognitive & Behavioral Coaching, creative brain and normal brains are different, coach for creatives


That’s where I can be of great value as a Coach for Creatives.

With a combined total of decades in fields such as freelance writing, self publishing, audio creation and podcasting, massage therapy, energy healing, and somatic therapies, I come to this with many intuitive and practical skills to help you manage your creative business. 


One of the main techniques I use to help you is by asking you, the expert, questions.

This is based on the Socratic Questioning Method…

Find out more here…


These questions will help you break patterns in your thinking and discover more nuanced and in depth solutions.

This process helps you make decisions which get you on the right path… the FIRST time.



I create a space of non-judgement and compassion for my client, whether in person, on the phone or through cyber space.

SPACE is a big factor in developing creative solutions and a truly independent thought process. 

I like to think of it as DIVERGENT THOUGHT.

divergent thinking, creativity coach, publishing for creative finane

So, if you’re one of those interesting, creative entrepreneurs who needs help prioritizing and organizing their business and lives, my specialty coaching creatives can help.

I’m also a licensed financial professional. So I like to say;

From money to meditation I help creative entrepreneurs thrive in and unpredictable world.

To start the process please Contact me (Renee) at:

I’m available by phone or zoom. Physically located in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.


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