Does A Falling Leaf Offer Psychic Proof?  A Caulbearer Knows

Does A Falling Leaf Offer Psychic Proof? A Caulbearer Knows

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In June of 2018 I had the opportunity to interview a genuine caulbearer. (See definition at the bottom of this blog)

Caulbearers are those who were born with a membrane attached to their face or heads.

The membrane is independent of the placenta and needs to be surgically removed.

To date, ALL known caulbearers have heightened psychic and mediumship abilities.

Bob Buchanan is one of those people.

The following story was written by Bob from his own experience working with clients as a psychic medium. His work can be found here as well.


Before we get into Bob’s story you should know the following…

  • -Teddi is the man who is having the psychic medium sessions with Bob. He’s 60 years old.
    -The boy with Down’s Syndrome is his son who we will call “Nick.”
    -Both of Teddi’s parents have passed on. They were in their 80s.


Bob receives messages from both of Teddi’s parents, as well as, his son (Nick)  who has Down’s Syndrome who is alive and well back at home.



Falling Leaf Story by Bob Buchanan – Caulbearer

“Mom let us know she was with us. As though either of us needed further proof.”

I met with Teddi at Mamaroneck Harbor park for a session. Teddi grew up in Mamaroneck and loved the park.

Our session started with (Teddi’s) mom coming barreling in, then dad.  I had their son (Nick) who is still with us, talking to me as well. This happens on rare occasions. Mom was telling me she was watching over Teddi’s son and was always there to assist when she was needed. 

Teddi’s son was born with Downs Syndrome, but I was hearing CP, CP; cerebral palsy, which he also had. I actually saw the CP not the downs.

Teddi’s son was communicating well with me showing me something I have always believed, which is Downs people are actually angels here on earth.

I believe their souls are strongly connected to the other side.

His messages were to tell Teddi she never let him down and was always there for him, acknowledging how she did that and what she actually did for him.

He also told her she needed to dance more now and worry less about him. Her son had been through and survived more surgeries and medical issues than most.

Now Teddi’s mom is telling me how she is there looking out for him as well and I’m explaining what mom is and has been doing when Teddi points out a leaf she noticed that is hovering over the harbor.

I look but being a bit cynical I wait for the leaf to drop, but it doesn’t, mom now tells me it’s her blowing the leaf up, as she say’s that the leaf actually goes up, mom loved the colorful leaves,
it’s why she chose that as a sign.

I continue to watch this as other leaves are falling all around it, one actually striking the leaf, but it doesn’t fall. 

Now Teddi is taking the photo and I grab my camera and take a photo but realize a photo proves nothing, so I took videos. 

This leaf hovered for several minutes maybe five total.

We continued on with the session watching the leaf, once mom had finished with her message and we moved onto Eddie, the leaf dropped and a military helicopter flew overhead. 

Eddie was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, two actually went overhead in total.

As we are walking back to our cars, Teddi looks down and finds a white down feather lying on the ground. Teddi’s session was indeed a rare one, one worth posting. 

I have had incidences like these before on rare occasions but this time with the video you can all see what we experienced.

Although the souls don’t always show us signs such as these the signs are there, don’t look for them and you will see them, however, signs or not you have to know there is much more to this world than we see.


Written by Bob Buchanan
Caulbearer and Psychic Medium

See video below for a very unusual floating leaf…

{Watch the leaf video HERE…}     <——-Click for proof or watch below! <– click if below video does not play.


What is a Caul?


The birth caul or veil is a full face mask which may be sometimes found covering the face of a child at birth.

Such births are quite rare, and they hold special significance for the child born in such a manner. There are many stories and myths about the caul, many of them erroneous.

This site is provided to give some insight to those who are born with a caul, and to further promote public knowledge of the phenomenon.

The correct name for those who are born with a caul is a Caulbearer.

Such people are often referred to as being born behind the veil, as the caul is also referred to as the veil in many cultures, due to it being a face covering or mask.

It should be noted that Caulbearers may be male or female, and may come from any social class, racial or religious group.

There are no geographical boundaries to the phenomenon.

However, it has been observed that caul births do have tendencies to run in family bloodlines.

Sometimes, but quite rarely, more than one member of a family, usually a parent and child, may be born with a caul.

It has been calculated that Caulbearer births may be as few as one in eight hundred thousand births.

However, this does not necessarily mean that there will be one such birth in every eight hundred thousand births in a particular area.

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