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Las Vegas Driverless Car Debut Crashes In The First Hour 

driverless car in mud city in background

Las Vegas Driverless Car Debut Crashes

In The First Hour


As far as debuts go, there have been more successful ones. During its first hour on the road, a driverless car or shuttle cab in Las Vegas, NV got into an accident.

Who else saw that coming?

Fortunately, no one was hurt. However, the driver of the truck involved in the accident was cited with ‘causing’ the incident.

A triple AAA PR representative released a statement via Twitter. It stated that the truck slowly backed into the driverless car because he couldn’t see it. The driverless shuttle cab was stopped at the time.

Photos on Twitter showed a long line of people eagerly waiting to be among the first to ride the driverless shuttle.

The driverless car runs on a fixed three-stop route on Fremont and Carson Streets between Las Vegas Boulevard and 8th Street.

The driverless shuttle is equipped with eight seatbelts and all rides are free. The car is sponsored by, AAA.

Triple AAA will also donate $1 to the Las Vegas Victims Fund for every rider who take the driverless shuttle.

Although the photos didn’t show any major damage to the driverless car. It did show the fender was bent.

So, the shuttle was removed from the road for service for the rest of the day.

There’s no information yet as to when it’ll return to the road to continue its planned 12-month tryout.

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