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Eckhart Tolle On: Being HERE To Fully Experience Life… (VIDEO)

Eckhart Tolle On:

Being Fully HERE To Fully Experience Life (VIDEO)


This is a video featuring Eckhart Tolle (which is mostly audio) on how to be fully in the moment and dealing with a mind that pulls you out of the moment. The mind tends to pull us away from life much of the time.

It’s up to us to harness it.

Basically, Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth  and The Power of Now, goes into learning how to trust yourself and Life in general.

From that space we can learn how to deal with our minds and the challenges that life throws at us.

Trusting the present moment liberates us from distrust, fear and tension that only interferes with our enjoyment of our lives.

It’s totally worth the time to listen to.

Thank you for reading. I wish much imagination.

R.M. Robbins

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