Thank you for joining me on this guided hypnosis. 

You may use the following script in your own meditations if you like. This is an UNEDITED VERSION of one of the guided meditations I narrated. Feel free to use it and edit it as you wish.
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Thank you for joining me to this guided hypnosis.  

Hello and Welcome to this guided hypnosis for sleep so that you can…


“Fall Asleep Under The Heavy Warmth of Relaxation”

In the following minutes, you will  experience a deep state of relaxation.
This hypnosis meditation will help you to  easily sleep through the night,  so you can awaken energized and ready to start your day.
Not only will you fall asleep faster – you  will also get rid of disturbing thoughts and any underlying stress and tension.

Now, let’s begin this Guided Hypnosis For Sleep – “Fall Asleep Under The Heavy Warmth of Relaxation”

It’s best, for this sleep hypnosis, if you are laying down, face up.
However, if you are more comfortable on your side or on your stomach then go ahead.
As long as you can relax easily then this sleep hypnosis will work.
Just make sure, you are in a place where you can ready yourself for sleep.
What’s most important is that you feel safe  – that way, a pleasant warmth and heaviness can be allowed to follow that will precede you falling into a deep sleep.
And that’s exactly what you want now. Deep, restful sleep.
In a few moments, you’ll begin your journey to a wonderful deep sleep.
Your restful night’s sleep you will experience the shedding of tension and stress.
Instead you will sink into a heaviness like a stone in the sand. It’s a wonderful relaxing feeling.
Along the way, you will practice how to tune into one body part and relax it more deeply.
You will then allow the rest of your body to follow.
And don’t worry about staying awake until the end of the meditation; if you are ready to sleep, then allow yourself to drift off.
Now let’s begin by…
sleep hypnosis, guided meditation, fall asleep under heavy warmth, old fashioned blankets
If you haven’t already, you can close your  eyes. You can re-open them at any time you want.
Now, start to feel the relief. The many tiny muscles that control your eyes and the skin around your eyes, including your eyelids, are now completely relaxed.
And all you have to do now is to let these words and music carry you away. That’s all you need.
You are now slowly sinking into a wonderful warmth into the deep state of trance.
Make yourself aware that you don’t have to listen carefully. Just let yourself go.
If you have thoughts, just simply allow those thoughts to float through your consciousness. Don’t try to suppress them. Just let your mind go.
Don’t try to force anything. Just allow yourself to become relaxed. Relaxation comes when you let go.
Just let your consciousness expand and allow your body to slowly relax.
You might feel an increasing heaviness as you feel your muscles begin to loosen up.
Now calmly focus on a specific part of your body.
Like your arms. And feel how  they relax a little more.
Feel, how they become more heavy.  The same goes for your legs.
Feel how the relaxation is slowly approaching you.
Slowly but surely, your body  fills with wonderful warmth.
This soothing relaxation makes you more  and more tired. Your muscles become heavy.
Feel the gravity. How it draws your  arms – and legs to the underground.


Feel this pleasant heaviness.

And maybe you already see how your muscles are  more relaxed now than they were a few minutes ago.
Even if it’s just a little bit. With every passing  second, your muscles become more warm and heavy.
And the more they become so, the more you relax.  Enjoy this warmth. Feel how your body pulsates.
And now perceive an even more pleasant warmth  with this slowly approaching relaxation.
Feel yourself relaxing more and more.
Let this feeling of warmth flow into your feet.  And from there, let it flow throughout your body.
Starting from your toes. Up  above your legs. Over your hip…
Every muscle. Every nerve loosens.
And this wonderful wave continues to flow  inside you. Over your stomach. Your chest…
Maybe you can feel how your breathing becomes smoother and easier.
The warm wave moves on past your  neck. Which is now also loosening.
Each of your muscles relax with this comfortable warmth.
Everything gets loose.  Everything dissolves. Everything slows down.
This warm wave continues to flow. Over your  face. – Your eyelids. – And your forehead.

You now also feel a pleasant warmth there.

And your body, which now carries this wonderful  relaxation in it, can simply drift off.
Your body works reliably – in this pleasant  relaxation. – And soothing heaviness.
The warmth also makes any tensions disappear.
If you feel tension in a part of  your body, focus on that part.
And feel how the wonderful warmth  flows into this part of your body. –
With every exhale you feel a  more and more pleasant warmth.
Because with each exhale, you  simply let out the tension.
And with every inhale, you  breathe in soothing relaxation.
Your chest rises and falls.
Feel how your shoulders sink a  little lower with each exhale.
And notice, how you feel that pleasant heaviness  again, which lets you sink deeper and deeper.
You feel a sense of relaxation in  your body. You feel calm and eased.
Now try to find where your body relaxes the most.  Maybe it’s your left leg… Or your right arm?
Focus on that part of your body. And even  if it’s hard, try to find this place.
Even if your whole body is feeling  relaxed, still focus on a specific part.
A wave of wonderful relaxation now flows in this part of your body.
Stronger than before. And while  you focus on this specific part,
you might not even notice that the rest  of your body is relaxing 10 times more.
And now that you notice this new relaxation,  the part you are focusing on  relaxes 10 times more also.
Your whole body is calm with  this soothing and warm wave.
Just like your forehead. Your legs. Your arms…
And with this relaxation comes a feeling of  calmness. Because your body deserves to rest.

Feel how gravity draws your body against  the surface. How heavy and good it feels.

Just let it happen. Sink in.

Your muscles are so relaxed that it’s  too hard to lift them off the ground.
From this heavy gravity. Just sink  into this beautiful heaviness.

From now on, with every time I say the  word “sleep”you can allow yourself

to sink 3 times deeper into a state of relaxation.



You sink to a level, that is perfectly comfortable  with you. – And every time you hear this word –

“sleep” – you keep sinking into a deep trance.


Your muscles relax 3 times more when hearing  this word…


Even more than they already do. –

Even if you think you can’t go any further, you find a way to relax a little more.
You may feel more and more heavy.  You’ll sink deeper and deeper.
And if necessary, just allow yourself to drift off. Feel how soothing it is to just easily fall asleep.
You sink deeper and deeper  into this deep relaxation.
More and more – all by itself. Even further down.
Allow yourself to fully drift  away into this wonderful warmth.
The time has finally come, to be able to sleep. Deep and long. Your thoughts are gone.
Now, sleep.
The deeper you fall into this trance,  the more comfortable you feel.
And the more comfortable you  feel, the deeper you fall into sleep.
You keep sinking under the heavy warmth. As you keep drifting
and as your mind continues to slow down.

The wonderful warmth continues  to flow through your body.

And now we’re at a point where we’re almost there.
We almost reached the gate to your subconscious  mind. But you don’t have to think about
it. Because your active thinking  can let go. It can dream. Or relax.
All while your subconscious is opening  up so it can fully absorb the next words.
Below you is the bottom of  your relaxation. Arrive.
You are now at the bottom of your wonderful  relaxation. – Which is also the way to your
subconscious mind. It doesn’t matter where you  are. Because space and time no longer play a role.
It doesn’t matter where up or down is.
Here you are safe. You can fully  disconnect from your thoughts.
Tomorrow morning, you will wake up full of power  and energy.
You may not understand why, but you’ll feel it. You will feel a difference  when waking up in the morning.
You’ll be more energized. More motivated. – You generate new waves of energy in your deep sleep that carry on throughout the next morning and into the rest of your day.
And the more you listen to this hypnosis, the better you sleep and the more energy you have when you get up in the morning.
As of right now, you will sleep deeply and  fully relaxed until tomorrow morning.
You sleep as deeply and calmly, as you have ever before in your life.
And after a few hours, you will easily and happily wake up and get out of bed to begin your beautiful day.
Let it be so…can


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