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The Four Horsemen of Trump’s Coming Apocalypse (VIDEO)

4 horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of Trump’s Coming Apocalypsehorseman apocalypse

Sometimes I like to watch The Young Turks. It’s a political commentary and purely online based TV show.

The host is Cenk Uygur. The first episode launched on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2002.

Isn’t that sweet?

At the time, it was billed as the very first video news show on the Internet.

Although Uygur is Turkish, the show’s title is not a reference to his nationality.

The term ‘Turk’ refers to someone who is a radical within a political party (or other ideologically focused group) advocating for change.

Very apropos.

Uygur offers us the idea that Trump has four horsemen of his impending apocalypse. I’ve included the video below.

Here are Trump’s four apocalyptic horsemen riding in on some very fast horses…

4 horsemen of the Apocalypse



Trump has real estate companies around the world. He has yet to dissolve ALL of them and put the money in a blind trust. There is no likelihood he will.

The Trump Organization is a privately owned family business. Trump’s grandmother started it with her son which is Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump.

It was called Elizabeth Trump & Son.

Donald was brought into the business in his early 20s and eventually took over the business. Currently, the Trump Organization has more than 500 buildings and businesses in the United States and around the world.

As the president-elect, there will always be questions surrounding the ethical nature of his holdings unless Trump completely removes himself and his family from the company.

I can’t imagine a world where that would happen. Every meeting, every phone call, conversation or policy talk Trump is involved in will be shrouded with suspicion.

Even Republicans will say, “Wait a minute! No profiting off the presidency, pal. It’s against the Constitution.”

They’d be right. It’s called the ‘emoluments clause.’


This is basically the same as the accusation of personal corruption. Except systemic corruption is surrounding yourself with others who have the same types of massive conflicts of interest like yourself have.

People like Rex Tillerson Trump has recently appointed as Secretary of State. I’ll let you click the highlighted text for links on this guy as there is just too much corruption potential here for one article.

Horseman #3 – INCOMPETENCE

This one is obvious. Not only has Trump absolutely no governmental experience, but he has hired (many) others with no governmental experience either.

For example, Trump has put Dr. Ben Carson as head of the department of Housing and Urban Development. Even Carson himself said he wasn’t qualified for the position. Yikes.

Horseman #4 – ARROGANCE

If you’ve lived long enough and made enough mistakes you know that a sense of hubris can bring down even the strongest of people… hard and fast.

Since Trump keeps getting rewarded for his insane manipulations and crazy utterances, he has no reason to rein in his attitude.

He seems to believe he’s so smart he’ll turn this government around like nobody in the history of America.

Yeah, so hang on, we’ve all got a front row seat. The apocalypse coming…

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