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Get Wisdom – Answers From The Creator Of All That Is – Channeled by Karl Mollison

As of August/2019 I began training as a Lightworker Healing Protocol Practitioner.

What that means is this: I’m learning exactly how to pray/meditate/ask for healing from the Divine Creator on the behalf of others.

It’s distance healing with a profound, specific twist.


I’ve used many healers and healing modalities over the years (one psychic Spiritualist Healer actually saved my life) and I’ve been a CMT for 20 years.

So, I understand the holistic healing industry quite well. The LHP course is different.

The LHP program was developed by a former scientist/researcher in the medical field.

After he retired, Karl Mollison became certified in both hypo-therapy and theta healing. It lead to his become a semi-trance channel medium.

It’s an unusual journey to be sure.

However, the fact that he was so “left-brained” for most of his life gives him the groundedness and credibility to speak about his work as a channel and the answers he receives from the Divine Creator.

Below you will see a video of Karl Mollison (the channel & former scientist) and Denny Hunt (researcher and host at getwisdom.com)

*Find the below video on their site here:


Viewer Questions for Creator by Karl Mollison 10 June 2017

Question #1 [00:13:37]: There is a theory that upon death it is recommended not to go into the light because it is a trap used to capture souls into an unending series of incarnations. Is this true?

Question #2 [00:17:18]: Since archangels have been mentioned in a positive context, are all angels and archangels light beings or are there not so good ones? In other words, some say Archangel Michael misleads people.

Also, is the myth of the fallen ones true? Lucifer turning away from the Source and causing havoc on Earth? And why are angels in some parts of the bible described as dangerous beings? By the way, I’m talking about real angels and their characteristics, not impostors that pretend to be angels.

Question #3 [00:26:40]: Is it more accurate to think of reincarnation as sequential in terms of human perception of time, or is it more accurate to think of it occurring in terms of life lessons that takes them from a life lived in the thirties to one lived in the dark ages? <— very interesting answer here…

Question #4 [00:31:24]: Is Creator a group of higher beings then?

Question #5 [00:36:17]: Is the flood of channeled and ET info, flooding into our view designed to keep us passively waiting for deliverance by others, rather than using our own powerful co-creative ability?  <—Keep an open mind here...

Question #6 [00:46:27]: Does the promise of healing ships etc. keep us from using healing power that we already possess, or could request from the divine if our belief is strong enough?

Question #7 [00:51:16]: If humanity is just another neighbor amongst many kinds in the galactic neighborhood, what needs to happen before good ETs can contact us openly?

Is it true that some advanced benevolent ETs are in open physical contact with other benevolent ET races? If so what was the threshold event or process they had to go through to be an open participant in the galactic community?


… is it as alluded to in Allies of Humanity briefings that benevolent, free planetary races have to achieve their own sovereignty by their own free will and then keep more to themselves rather than to roam the galaxy?

Question #8 [01:03:18]: What is the master plan of the malevolent ETs currently in our interacting with humanity? What do they want? Why are they doing all that they are doing?

Question #9 [01:12:43]: Is the mind control currently being exerted on all humans the same strength for everyone?

Question #10 [01:16:09]: Why can’t you and the “we” you speak of intervene as these people/souls certainly cry out through need, prayer, and direct requests for your help?

Question #11 [01:22:25]: On the other side of this is it not enough that there are others. For example, the three of us creating protective light requests. Meaning our collective will/light/request to intervene and initiate a rescue?

Question #12 [01:30:18]: Creator, I am sorry, but I need to ask you to recount the collective awakened. As well, to re-evaluate the percentage of conscious humans needed for an immediate rescue of people held in all slave colonies please.

Question #13 [01:36:05]: Under what conditions would benevolent ETs ever contact humans and why?

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