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A History Of Video Games – The Gaming Industry Is Not Just For Kids Anymore {VIDEO}

history of video games

history of video games

A History Of Video Games – Since the 1970s, the gaming industry has made a dramatic journey. It’s gone from a fringe element to mainstream activity.


The First Video Games…

One of the first and most successful video games, the one that started it all was released in 1971.

Atari (remember them?) released its first commercially successful video game, Pong.

Video games were mostly confined to arcade games as there were few companies making gaming consoles for personal home use. Magnavox was the first to make such a machine.

By the end of the 70s though, a game called Space Invaders (I loved this one!) really blew the lid off gaming. It was just so much fun to play.

Soon arcade machines offering Space Invaders moved out of the arcades and popped up in malls, stores and restaurants across the country.

Space Invaders eventually went on to make $2 billion by 1982!


Technology & Games Advance Together

As computer technology advanced, so did gaming.

Although, gaming slumped in the early 80s it had made a come back by the end of the decade.

It was the Nintendo Entertainment System that became available for home use which revived the industry. Then came handheld systems such as Gameboy.

At it’s peak, the gaming industry saw $8 billion in revenue which eclipsed pop music and Hollywood films combined.


Billions & Billions

With the continuation of innovative computer technology, video games just kept getting better.

They were faster, more complex and more realistic looking.

The video game industry has always been extremely volatile and unpredictable. In the early 2000s many game developers came and went fast. There were a few exceptions like Braid and Limbo.


Going Mobile & Social

Mobile cell phones have been a game changer for video games as well.

With games developed specifically for iOS and Android a whole new gaming platform emerged.

Not only that, but social media has been nothing short of a miracle for the industry.

Any new game that’s released is almost instantly lauded or panned by users worldwide.

Either way, it’s free publicity and market research all rolled into one.


Big Money Competitions

Today, gaming is big business. Video game players, of ALL ages, play for big money and compete to win prizes and recognition.

Some have become rock stars within the industry.

This solidifies the impact video games have had on cultures everywhere and shows no sign of going away soon.

With the continued advancement of technology, video games and the players who love to play them, are here to stay.

Here is a fairly in depth look at the history of video games… for some of you this could be quite nostalgic…

I wish you many imaginative tales. R.M. Robbins

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