‘Honey Kalaria’ – Example of A Discussion About My Editing Services

‘Honey Kalaria’ – Example of A Discussion About My Editing Services


Dear Honey Kalaria;

I appreciate you ordering my Editing Services. Also, I’ve thought a lot about the requests you have made about editing and the possibility of ghostwriting.

Below I have added my remarks to your questions. I hope you find them satisfactory and consider working with me again. As always, my comments are in dark pink.

Here are the questions you’ve asked in point form:

  • I am interested for someone to go through my fairy tale / children story book that I have written, get it copy edited, check and amend any grammatical mistakes, and get it to a point that I can submit it to a publisher if required. Yes, I can do this for you. My standard rate on my website www.thewritersnexus.com is .01 per word. (one cent per word for Editing Services)


  • I also needed someone to go through / or write up a short marketing copy to print at back of the book to describe the story / why children should buy the book. I can provide you with what I have drawn up but need it to be enhanced and to be the best level possible. Yes, I can do this as well. For writing, I charge more than editing. This type of writing won’t take too much time. We can negotiate a reasonable price per word for writing and Editing Services.


  • It would also be great if you could provide me with a further competitive quote for you to go through, copy edit, amend, enhance and return the book to me within 5 days. My editorial reviews, which include proofreading, are always .01 (one cent) per word. It may take 2-3 days but I’m usually finished a lot sooner.


  • Please find attached the sent documents with my comments in blue to help you understand some of the reasoning and help with the copy editing of next 1000 words. Thank you. This was helpful for me to understand what you were trying to say. It’s also helped me determine whether or not I should engage in this project as a ghost writer and for my Editing Services.


  • I have sent you an older draft of the book, but it provides you with some images to get an understanding of story line with illustrations. This was helpful too. It’s given me a framework of the kind of story you are trying to tell. It also shows me how much work there is left to do.


  • Can you provide me with a one off competitive price to get the full book content reviewed as you have done? How many gigs do I have to purchase? The gigs are set up to be ordered per word. Just order the amount of gigs which add up to the number of words in your project. In fact, the first gig for 1000 words works out to half a cent per word. After that, it’s one cent per word.


  • Do you work as a ghost writer for childrens fairy tale books? If yes, can you provide me with a competitive quote to go through and finalise the book (you can ask for my comments anytime / clarification etc) and getting it ready to be put forward for publishing?The story is around 8,000 words. Can you provide me with a quote if this is something you can do, and how long it will it take? Thank you. OK… I have been asked by some of my clients to be a ghost writer before. I have always said no. Writing a good story is very, very difficult. If I’m going to spend that kind of time and effort on a writing project I prefer it to be my own.


  • However… Your passion for the story and the beauty of the Indian culture have changed my mind. Also, I just really appreciate the creativity of children’s books. I think I would like to tackle this project if we can come to an agreement on terms.


  • I’ve done my research and thought about the time and effort it would take for me to complete this book. I suggest you do research online as well to determine the price range that is standard for a ghost written story such as this.


  • The price we agree upon will be based to some extent on how much research I need to do on my own. I am unfamiliar with Indian customs and its culture both modern and historic. The more you can give me to understand the background of the characters and Indian customs, music, dance, poetry, the arts, politics/royalty and any relevant history will be of great benefit. Otherwise, I will need to take the time to do this myself.


  • So having said all this and considering my time, ability and the research I’ve done on how to price ghostwriting for children’s books… I think an acceptable proposal would be .25 to .50 cents per word. 25 cents per word will be the absolute lowest I can go on this.


  • This price quote is for the FINAL DRAFT. All the necessary research and editing and drafting before that are included in the price. We will have to negotiate a lot of specifics including a deadline. These can be written up into a contract. Once this is done I can start immediately.


  • I hope you find this proposal acceptable. Please think about it seriously as I think you have the makings of a wonderful story here. I encourage you to research pricing and compare prices from other ghostwriters.


  • I would be glad to work with you on this. If you choose not to go this route I would be happy to offer my Editing Services and proofread your full manuscript.


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