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Minority Report: Real Time Face Technology Has Advanced Faster Than We Think

minority report real time face technology

Minority Report:

Real Time Face Technology Has Advanced

Faster Than We Think


Many citizens, as well as, lawmakers, are unaware how fast Real Time Face Technology has advanced.

Some labs have created RTF technology so advanced, that a body camera can quickly determine who someone is and then spit back data on them… in real time.

Minority Report

In many ways, Minority Report, the movie starring Tom Cruise, has become our present day reality.

The body cameras so many fought to have installed on police officers to hold them accountable has created an unexpected twist.

Many of the body cams are fitted with technology that can quickly film someone, search the police database and quickly spit back info on where they’ve been, where they’re going, and whether or not they have an outstanding violation or unpaid traffic ticket and such.

There should be real concern for abuse here.

Changing Public Spaces

As experts warn, pairing RFT technology with body cameras, in particular, “will redefine the nature of public spaces.”

Lawmakers and ordinary citizens are unaware at how advanced RTF technology has become.

The laws need to catch up. In the current American political climate, it’s unlikely this will happen.

It may well be that many invasions of personal and professional privacy will be breached because of advance RTF before protections are in place.

According to a recent survey by Johns Hopkins University, it was discovered that nine out of 38 body cam manufacturers have facial recognition capacities. That or they have the built in option for using the technology later.

This inclusion of face recognition in body cams really changes the nature and purpose of them.

Communities of Color

Real Time Face Technology has upended what communities expected when they called for and paid for body cameras with taxpayer dollars.

In particular, RTF body cams on police could pose real fear in neighborhoods where people are predominantly black or hispanic.

Many fear they will become tools of surveillance rather than accountability. Frankly, it’s a very valid fear.

Thank you for reading.

I wish you many imaginative tales.

R.M. Robbins

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