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My Mother-In-Law

my mother in law chanel no. 5 poetry writing prompts

My Mother-In-Law


Arrested by her own image, she taunted it

With a come hither sashay and thrusting pout

Daring it to jump out

Of her gold encrusted… Everlasting Looking Glass

Her silvery locks draped like Arctic Fox on pale shoulders

Swathed in crushed obsidian velvet

Trapping her feline curves

Into libidinous submission

Satisfied she looked bewitching

She sucked the fire up from her loins with a catch

Letting Chanel 5 encourage her lust

The glowing new widow was a vision to behold

Straightening herself

She floated from atop the antiquated staircase,

As an ominous black mist

Hers was a violent, calculated elegance

That spattered the mourners with brilliance

Oozing coital readiness,

Unfazed by her menopausal haze

She stole her way through the somber soiree

Sharing her venomous kisses,

Leaving a trail of carnage in her wake

Her icy blue eyes narrowed as she neared the coffin

Looking down upon his blank face she silently thanked him for the bequeathed fortune

She leaned in to kiss his cold cheek;

The face of her vernal lover came to her

As organ pipes vibrated with Chopin.

By R.M.R. at the Writers Nexus

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