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The Nine Weird Writing Habits of Really Intense Writers (VIDEO)

The Nine Weird Writing Habits of Really Intense Writers.

I found this video by author Jenna Moreci. Jenna is a young vivacious woman (and writer) who pokes fun at all of us writers.

LANGUAGE WARNING: Jenna utters some naughty words, but she uses them in the right context and with great flair.

I’ve outlined her Nine Weird Habits of Intense Writers below. You can watch the video at the bottom.

Weird Habit #1 – Hygiene is… Optional

Whaaaa?  I think this habit applied only to writers from centuries ago. You know, when there was no indoor plumbing.

Weird Habit #2 – Excessive Coffee Drinking

Yeah. Well. Duh.

Weird Habit #3 – Forgetting to Feed Yourself

Writers know that not even extreme hunger can pry them away from their imaginary worlds.

Unless of course there is a handy and very tasty stash of chocolate conveniently located in your desk drawer. I’m just saying…

Weird Habit #4 – Becoming a Night Owl

It’s true. It happens. Even if you have to get up really early. Then you rely on Habit #2.

Weird Habit #5 – Becoming too Emotionally Invested in Your (Imaginary) Characters

Writers often start discussing the characters of their books like they are real people. Especially, to the real people they know best.

Which is only a problem if the real person doesn’t go along with it.

Weird Habit #6 – You’re Reluctant to See Your Friends

You know you’re an obsessed writer if you get annoyed that your friends and family are asking you to spend time with them. They’re taking you away from your story!

If you find yourself turning down concert tickets to the KISS farewell tour… whoa. Check Habit #7.

Weird Habit #7 – Becoming a Hermit

This one ties into Habit #6. Basically, you gotta get out more.

Weird Habit #8 – You Bring Your Laptop Everywhere

Along with your phone, keys, wallet and lipstick… bringing your laptop wherever you go is mandatory.

Weird Habit #9 – Start Developing Anti-Social Behavior

This habit ties in with Habit #5. When you’re deep into your book you can only relate to real people from an imaginary viewpoint.

Frankly, that is either really scary or really brilliant.

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