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Organize Your Research The Old Fashioned Way – With A Big Ass Binder

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Organize Your Research The Old Fashioned Way – With A Big Ass Binder

Author Scott Sigler offers a great tip to organize your research documents you need for your novel.

He suggests printing out the pages and organizing them into ‘a big ass binder.’ His words not mine.

The only real down side here is the ink cost for your printer.

Other than that it’s the system I use… mostly.

It can be annoying to open files on a 15 inch screen when you’ve also got a couple of browsers open with a half a dozen tabs and move them around so you can read the pages and then flip back to the document you were writing in etc.

I’m aware that many people love Evernote, Dropbox, Trello, Scrivner and the like, but I find them a hassle.

You may be one of those who absolutely swears by Evernote to organize your reseach. I find it a pain to login to yet another account just to remind myself of something or copy and paste a link or pdf.

I’ve tried a trial run of Scrivner. Again, another platform that some very successful authors and writers use exclusively. My experience was somewhat abysmal.

The learning curve was a bit much for what I found to be a little redundant to my perfectly acceptable (and free) Open Office software. Although I love that it’s FREE and can be downloaded HERE.

The biggest plus with Scrivner is that you can move entire chapters, paragraphs etc. around without fear of losing the data. That has happened on occasion with Open Office. I’m more careful now.

Trello is best for a team of people. Especially, if you’re working on an editorial calendar together. For an individual it’s just another login.

Dropbox is great. I have a yearly subscription too, so I can keep my files backed up.

However, other than that I don’t really use it to organize anything since I go to Dropbox to archive my files… not organize them.

So, if you’re interested in how Scott Sigler, a longtime successful author, uses this very low tech way of organizing his research…

Take a look at this video below.

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