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Best Selling Author Paulo Cohelo’s Rules For Success

Paulo Cohelo

I’ve read Paulo Cohelo’s best selling book, The Alchemist, countless times. It’s a story about a boy who finds a way to fund his pilgrimage and journey to see the pyramids of Egypt.

Of course, there are many twists, turns and obstacles along the way. He even finds the proverbial treasure chest full of gold and in the most surprising, unlikely and ironic of places.

It’s a spectacular book filled with Life wisdom. There is not a sentence that’s wasted. Not an extraneous word to be found. In short, it’s a treasure itself.

If you haven’t had a chance to read this amazing book I highly recommend it. The story is deep in complexities and yet told in a very simple way. It’s magical and all writers should take note of what Cohelo has accomplished with The Alchemist.

Below is a video compilation of Cohelo speaking on how to become successful. Not just with writing but in life too.

I wanted to include a few other versions of The Alchemist. It’s such a popular book. You may want to explore your options or even start collecting them!

From left to right: The international book cover, The cover for the graphic novel version and the Spanish cover.

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