Pay Attention: There Are Informative Energies All Around Us

Pay Attention: There Are Informative Energies All Around Us

Nowadays, you often hear people talk about informative energies, they usually mean personal energy, psychic energy, subtle energy, and the like.

These different types of informative energies tend to get lumped together when talking about someone or a situation having “good” or “bad” energy.

Different Energies

In fact, there are a variety of different energy form.

They mostly fall into two categories; Psychic or physical.

We do ourselves a disservice to assume all energy forms are the same.

Science, religion and general intuition are becoming aligned with our understanding of the nature of energy.

When studying physics, energy has a clear mathematical definition, and can be precisely quantified in established units.

Psychic energy, on the other hand, has no formal definition, and cannot be measured in the same precise way.

Well-established laws dictate scientific understanding of energy.

When applied to classical physics we see that an energy system in it’s totality has a certain amount of energy within its system which is contained and finite.

The energy within this system cannot be created or destroyed.

Psychic energy however, does not (and can not) be quantified in the same way.

Although, scientists are learning more and more about energy as they delve deeper into the quantum realm of physics.

Measuring Energy

Science can measure the radiation of physical energy with an equation.

Double the distance from an object and the energy received is one quarter of what it was before.

Ten times the distance and the energy decreases to one-hundredth. That makes sense, right? We know this.

Yet, there are those around the world, in this time and times past, who can feel the energy of a person and know their condition.

Energy Beyond Borders

For example, medical intuitives can sense the energy of a person in another continent as easily as someone in the same room.

The accuracy of their intuitive diagnoses is not lessened by distance. They can sense if someone has cancer whether they are in the next room or in Antarctica.

Perhaps we’ve arrived at a time in our evolution that being able to categorize energy is an important and very doable idea.

Indeed, to organize forms of energy, as the mind loves to analyze, organize and categorize things, is another step toward our own evolving consciousness.

Below is a video of a medical intuitive who has some interesting things to say about how to take care of our energy.

Thank you for reading.

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