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Working With Psychics & Spiritualist Healers To Avoid Opioids And Antidepressants



In my quest to discuss the Life Force Energy Crisis we are seeing everywhere in our American culture, I do my best to bring a sensible and rational approach to working with the type of psychic known as a Spiritualist Healer.

I’m a woman over 50. Statistics say that about HALF of all women in my age range are on opioids and anti-depressants.

At an age when a woman has more to give than at any other time in her life, millions are trying to medicate themselves out of darkness.


I can’t imagine medicating myself to that extent. I’m hard pressed to take aspirin.

Does that mean my life must have been so much more successful and ‘easier’ than the millions of women my age over 50?

Not. Even. Close.

It was hard. Really hard.

There were countless times when I wondered how I could ever keep going. At one point; for most of one year, I would fall asleep at night and wonder if I would wake up in the morning.


At that time, I was in my late 30s. I was physically healthy and as mentally balanced as I could be struggling such as I was. I was NOT suicidal. I was NOT lazy. I was NOT on drugs or a partier.

It was my Life Force Energy or the lack of it. It was a mere flicker. For me then, sleep meant taking a chance that my whisper thin spirit would come back when called in the morning. Otherwise, I could drift off forever.


So, here I am in my 50s feeling pretty good. Things in my life could be better, but I’m definitely grateful and content.

I get up early and continue to strive to make myself, my life and the lives of those around me just a little bit better. I certainly didn’t have this level of internal contentment for most of my life.


So, the truth is I have many reasons to be cranky, nasty and bitter as a middle aged woman and I’m NOT.

But, I get it. I get why half of my sisters are on opioids and antidepressants.

I’m just saying this; look elsewhere. There’s another way.


I won’t be condescending and say it’s a ‘choice.’

However, it is a responsibility.


People need to help each other, but each individual is responsible for their own lives no matter how intertwined it is with others.


This is where a psychic Spiritualist Healer comes in. They are few and far between and don’t have the same level of skill.

However, a good psychic Spiritualist Healer can help heal your energy which in turns, heals so much more. Opioids and antidepressants become unnecessary. It’s not magic. It’s true healing.


And YES… there are many charlatans in the industry.

It can be very difficult to know who is real and who isn’t.

Especially when you’re feeling vulnerable, weak or confused about your situation.

I will go more into this in other articles, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for a true blue Spiritualist Healer I can refer you to one of the best.

You can meet her face to face if you’re in the New York area or speak to her on the phone.

Contact me below for details. In the meantime… Stay strong and be You.

hanks for reading. I wish you many imaginative tales. R.M. Robbins

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